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Mama Fu's

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I actually travel to Bentonville, Arkansas at least two times per month. My stays range stay from 2-3 nights. I'm actually in food development and brokerage, hence the reason for being in Northwest Arkansas so often. But, that's not the point of this posting.

Across the street from the hotel where I stay (located in between the Wal-Mart home office and the Sam's corporate office) is a chain called Mama Fu's (www.mamafus.com) Needless to say, I was 110% impressed with their knowledge of all of their gluten free items. And let's face it, ANYTHING with soy sauce sends up a red flag for us Celiacs.

There weren't any gluten-free icons on the menu, but my server knew EVERY one of the gluten-free items off the top of her head. I immediately complimented her for her knowledge. She replied "I even have 2 customers come in who asked me to open their fortune cookies for them so they don't get crumbs on their fingers".

She sold me on their Sweet & Sour chicken and edamame as an appetizer. When the entree arrived, I looked at it and said "Oh... shoot this is breaded". She put her hand on my shoulder and said without a pause "Don't worry, that's just potato starch. It's perfectly fine for you Celiacs."

I was so impressed with the quality, the price, and the knowledge of the establishment. Places like this deserve our dollars. I say this as a food marketing professional and on behalf of my parents who have been in the restaurant business for 26 years.

Go to Mama Fu's!

The Gluten Gladi8or

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