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  1. With just a little bit of guidance (focusing on the perishables departments: Seafood, produce, dairy, meat, etc.) I think...
  2. I would like to see the weekly diet log of those who ate gluten free, didn't lose weight, and their respective exercise...
  3. GlutenGladi8or

    Weak And Fatigued

    With the exception of your honey at breakfast, I'm not seeing any forms of all natural sugars. If you snack just a few...
  4. GlutenGladi8or

    gluten-free Weight Loss Buddy?

    Less processed is, indeed, the best way to lose weight. If you start shopping the golden horseshoe (the parameter of...
  5. GlutenGladi8or

    Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Weight Gain?

    GOOD, GOOD point! I used to be the Director of Marketing at one of the largest organic vegetarian companies in the United...
  6. GlutenGladi8or

    Weak And Fatigued

    Hi Jenni, Out of curiosity, where are your protein sources coming from? And, how often to you consume protein per...
  7. GlutenGladi8or

    Sciatic Nerve Pain

    UPDATE: For the first time in my life, I went to an acupuncturist this morning for the pain. Literally, 80% of the pain...
  8. GlutenGladi8or

    Stomach Fat

    Smart way to look at it. And, I know we learned this very early in school... but the more fresh produce the better....
  9. GlutenGladi8or

    Sciatic Nerve Pain

    I have learned SO much from this past gluten-ing experience. (As has my doctor, physical therapist, and massage therapist...
  10. I will admit, I wondered if I made a mistake 14 years ago when I looked in the review mirror at the charity where I gave...
  11. GlutenGladi8or

    Sciatic Nerve Pain

    I had my first physical therapy session in my life this morning. My therapist was remarkable and her mother-in-law was...
  12. GlutenGladi8or

    Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Physically, I feel terrible right now. But, I feel GOOD knowing that there was a direct correlation between being glutened...
  13. GlutenGladi8or

    Sciatic Nerve Pain

    UPDATE: Thank goodness for my health insurance, as I have already been referred to a physical therapist at 9a.m. tomorrow...