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Dh And Cold Medications

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I have been suffering from what is likely DH for almost twenty years, and spent a fortune at dermatologists burning my face off trying to treat it as acne. I am an RN . I returned to work two years ago and started developing "acne" all down my arms, thighs, calves and bum. I thought I had a weird form of follicle infection from MRSA which I had been exposed to alot...I was becoming very embarrassed and wore long sleeves, long pants, went through tubes of antibiotic creams to no avail. My belly was also bloating badly to from my "IBS" and one day at work I made the connection between my burning rash and my bloating tummy. My GP blood then tested me, it was negative. I felt so depressed, and went to see a naturopath who walked me through an allergen diet to determine the source of my symptoms. 3 weeks off gluten and it was amazing! It's now been 3 months and I've lost 7 pounds of bloat, have almost no bloating/constipation and my "acne" is nearly gone.....until two weeks ago. All I can figure out have been doing differently is using Advil cold, Tylenol Cold, and OTC cough drops, Riccola, Halls etc. Has anyone ever noted a relationship between these meds and an increase in symptoms? As I am sitting here I also have a belly ache...like I swallowed broken glass. Maybe I have been exposed to gluten accidentally too?

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I haven't used any of the cold medicines so I can't help you with that.

I can relate to the dermatologists burning off your face and calling it acne.

Me too. It sucked for years.

I'm gluten free, with DH, and healing slowly, but all the sores that were subcutaneous like acne have gone away. The sores that are left are very sensitive to iodine which can keep the antibodies activated. Temporary elimination of iodine is supposed to help DH to heal. I'm working on it.

Gluten and iodine are a recipe for more DH lesions.

I'm sorry you had to go through years of misery to find out what was wrong. Me too.

I hope someone helps you with the cold medicine, but wanted to mention the temporary elimination of iodine. There are several threads on it under the DH section here.

Wishing you healing

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