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Raw Saltless Sauerkraut

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One of the needs for healing a leaky gut is contiinued use of probiotics. Raw sauerkraut is good natural way to do that. However, unless you make it yourself, grocery store brands usually have preservatives and high salt. High salt is a no no for high blood pressure, and preservatives are a bad idea as well.

We started using a salt, preservative, and gluten free raw sauerkraut from Rejuvenated Foods that we found in the refrigerated section at a healthfood store. It is made with lemon and dill, no salt. It tastes good and we just add it to our meal like a condiment.

There numerous benefits to eating raw sauerkraut, and the website http://www.rejuvenative.com/articleRCV.htm is a good source of information.

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