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Gluten-Free Ferrous Sulfate Brands

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i posted the other week about constantly bruising and really sensitive thighs. i went back to the doctor last week and she tested my thyroid, v-d, v-b12, and iron levels. everything was normal except she wants me to start taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate. i need to call the office though because i'm not sure how long i'm supposed to take the supplements.

anyone know of brands that are gluten free?

also, i've been told constipation is a side effect- any suggestions for easing that?


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I use Nature Made brand. They carry it at most chain drug stores. It specifically states on the bottle that it's gluten free. My doctor told me to it with Vitamin C (such as a glass of orange juice) because it apparently increases the absorption. My doctor also recommended taking Miralax daily (a mild laxative) to help with constipation. I actually stopped the Miralax for a week because I didn't think it was necessary, but then quickly realized it was!!

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