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Can You Get Tested Without Visiting A Doctor? Like A Medexpress Place?

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I am personally tired of doctors. They are clueless, they understand less than the patient and they are condescending and unhelpful. I am sure there are a few good docs out there but not in my experience. I have been back on gluten for several months so I could get tested again. Last time I never got the results, just got a positive or negative celiac answer and to me that was not complete and it was also taken after the doctor suggested just one week of eating gluten(had been gluten free for over 6 months prior). The whole fiasco cost me over $400, with just a phonecall from a nurse telling me I was negative for celiac. I have a feeling that 1. the test was more informative than that and 2. the doctor didn't know what he was doing/reading/suggesting.

I would prefer to just visit one of the local med express places, request a test, and handle it myself. It will be cheaper and I understand the concept of celiac more than the doctors.

Any thoughts?

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Have you been back eating gluten since your previous test or did you go back to being gluten free? If you are gluten free you need to go back on gluten for a couple of months before any testing is done. As to whether you can get the tests at a Medexpress place give them a call and ask.

One option that may be available to you is Enterolab. You may want to contact them and tell them to what extent you have been gluten-free, if you have been, and ask if they can test. They do not diagnose celiac but may be able to tell you if you are forming antibodies.

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