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Newbie With Lots Of Questions

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My daughter-in-law thinks I might have Celiac disease. Her mother was recently diagnosed with it and she thinks my symptoms might be similiar to hers. Also, my daughter was tentatively diagnosed with celiac (meaning the doctor says its likely but no testing has ever been done) about one year ago. She was just told to eat gluten-free but she hasn't been doing it.

My symptoms are these: Bloating, a LOT of gas, lower left abdominal pain, gallbladder removed about 2 years ago due to pain and stones, major weight gain issues, lactose intolerance, unable to eat high fiber foods like lettuce, cabbage or spinach with out severe cramping diarrhea, IBS, urgent painful need to have a bowel movement after eating. I have diarrhea sometimes but occasionally I have constipation when my abdominal pain is severe. I am supposed to be on a fiber supplement but it makes my pain and gas worse so I don't take it. I do notice mucus in my stools but not all the time.

My lower left abdominal pain has been around for about 12-13 yrs, I have had ovarian cysts removed,a total hysterectomy and I have been told I have chronic diverticulitis and have been treated many many times with antibiotics for that over the years.

I had a colonoscopy earlier this week and he did find divertiulosis but no active infection. They removed one polyp but he said nothing he saw should be the cause any of the pain I have. One interesting thing he said is I seem to have an extremely tender colon and the scope caused me intense pain. I do vaguely recall screaming and having pain during the procedure. He said the next time I have a colonoscopy it will have to be under a general anesthetic due to my pain issue. The last colonoscopy prior to this 6 yrs ago with a different GI doctor, I also had a lot of pain but I was told it was due to still having diverticulitis at the time of the scope. Now I doubt I had diverticulitis as many times as they said but my GI doc wants to send me to a surgeon to find out if he wants to do surgery. I think he believes I have pelvic adhesions so that last thing I probably need is more surgery.

So do you think these symptoms are enough to get the GI doctor to do the testing? I wonder why he didnt suspect celiac in the first place?


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