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Trying Gluten Elimination Diet...

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hi there!

just have a few questions:

is the big belly thing a common problem/symptom?

i read about this when someone was talking about beer bellies and how often they can be caused by an underlining gluten intolerence....

also, any one have any info on nosebleeds associated with gluten issues?

thanks for any info.

(i have suffered with IBS-d, chronic nosebleeds, anxiety, depression, big belly but thin everywhere else, fatigue, eczema, chronic bronchitis......and now 1 week gluten free, noticed a significant change in all these. i must have some sort of intolerence)

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Big belly symptom ? Yes.

Nosebleeds ? Could be.

All your other symptoms..... sounds familiar. B)

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I think a bloated/distended belly definitely can be a symptom. I was off gluten for two weeks after a positive blood test and my belly flattened. I've been back on gluten for 1 week due to (hopefully) an upcoming biopsy (I have a GI consultation this wednesday). I am once again bloated and miserable. I look pregnant.

I have also read that nosebleeds can be a symptom.

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