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Sibling With Food Allergies

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Hi everyone I'm new to changing my lifestyle.

I have been gluten free for the last three weeks. I still have some stomach issues but my stomach does not feel irritated or bloated throughout the day. Since going gluten free my energy level has been even. No extreme highs or lows throughout the day (good thing). I have had problems with dairy since I was a baby and that has not changed, dairy makes me sick to this day.

Here is my question. If you have a sibling that has sensitivity to certain things does that mean that I have a higher chance of being susceptible to those things as well. My brother has an allergy to gluten, corn, dairy, and to chocolate. I have eliminated gluten and dairy my stomach feels better and I haven't been getting diarrhea everyday anymore (sorry tmi) but every once in awhile I will get a stomach ache in the last three weeks. Is my body still in the process of healing and that I might get a stomach ache for awhile. I have been religous about what goes into my body and cook and make everything myself so that I know what is in it.

I'm new to all this stuff thanks for your help.

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You might try eliminating soy, oats, and iodine, too--if it ends up that you actually have celiac, these three things can be problems for many people who have celiac.

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Before eliminating too many things from your diet, keep a dietary diary; what you eat and drink, at what time and what quantity. Couple that with how you are feeling, any adverse reactions...over time you may start to see a pattern and thus be able to sensibly eliminate foods based on your own reactions.

"True allergies", IgE immune responses can be genetic, whereas IgG "intolerances" tend to be less genetic and more towards acquired immune responses - as in something during your life has made your immune system/body react the way it does.

Alternatively, take your diary to a nutritionalist or similar, who can assess and comment on it for you. A nutritionalist can also get you tested for food allergies or intolerances if you want to go down that route, but occasionally tests can give false results...your body never gives you a false result :(

first port of call IMO would be the food diary. It's cheap and if you do decide to visit a nutritionalist they will ask you to complete one any way (or at least should do) so you'll already be prepared.

Restricting your diet can be a great stress on your body and lifestyle, as I am sure you are well aware. By assessing your dietary intake it'll hopefully bring you a lot closer to the culprit of your issues and prevent you from unnecessarily cutting foods out :)

Best of luck


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