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Another Aussie (But With Fructose Malabsorption)

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hi everyone...

not sure where to start lol

I actually tried to register here tonight when it told me my email address was already in use. Seems i signed up here 2 years ago and forgot about it. :blink:

Thiinking back i must have signed up when i first became ill, looking for info as to why i was so sick.

So here i am, 24 months later having been recently diagnnosed with Fructose Malabsorption. Now before you tell me im on the wrong forum, please let me point out that people with FM are not allowed to eat wheat as it contains fructans. So to make things easier for me I have started to buy gluten-free foods. :lol:

If there is ayone else here with FM, id love to hear from you.


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My friend's mother has FM too. It seems to be an Australian thing as both of us are based in Australia (Canberra) too!

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