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How Long Before You Feel Better On The Diet?

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Hi everyone. I've been reading your posts a lot lately and was hoping you could help.

I'm a 23 yearly old female and have always been very thin. I've never had any health issues in the past either. About three months ago I started becoming really gassy. I have occasional C and D but not horrible. Nothing in my diet had changed at all and I hadn't started new meds- and I don't take any meds other than a one a day when I remember. I went to my pcp and she told me to try no dairy for two weeks and then no gluten for two weeks if there was no improvement.

I didn't get much better without dairy and have now been without both dairy and gluten for about two weeks. I am still having bad gas and have started getting D more often. I have also lost about eight pounds which is a lot for my small frame. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I have an appt with a GI this week but was hoping to get someone else's opinion. I just feel pretty frustrated with it all and don't know if I should continue the diet.

Sorry for rambling so much. Just trying to explain what I feel like is hard to explain. Thanks guys. :)

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