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Interesting Eating Habits Of My Father And Daughter.. They Avoid Gluten

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When I was a kid I remember coming home and seeing a pizza box. I was naturally excited and as I opened it I would see 3-4 piece of pizza with no cheese.

My dad would always sneak into the pizza and pull of the cheese and leave the rest. We used to get so mad because there was never left over pizza, just ruined pizza.

Well my daughter does the same thing. She is 2. She practically throws away the pizza and just eats the cheese.

My dad, always would get a sandwich and throw away most of the bread. He would even sometimes pull off all of the meat and cheeses and throw the bread out.

My daughter does the same thing. If she is given a sandwich, you will always find the bread on the floor. She eats everything but the bread.

My father never really ate much bread at restaurants when they start you off with bread. If his order came with bread he always gave it away.

My daughter acts the same way.

Maybe there is a subconscious response that makes them avoid gluten. Although my daughter does love macaroni and cheese. Its probably the cheese.

My dad recently decided to try a gluten free diet. He was getting acid reflux and feeling bloated. He is not aware of the rules of gluten free, he is just attempting to avoid breads. He said he doesn't miss it or care about it. But has not noticed any major improvements. Its only been 2 weeks and he admitted that he cheated and has not followed gluten free rules. I think he is dipping his toes into the idea. He is 58 and I think he is a bit stubborn to go the full distance without some kid of evidence first, I don't think he wants to think about cc, hidden gluten, gluten in sauces like soy sauce, etc.

Just an interesting observation I made on my journey.

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