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Pregnant? Hormones?

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Hi there!

I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year and a half ago via endoscopy. Been gluten-free since then and doing great! I'm in my mid 20's and in great general health. My husband and I are TTC, and I went off the pill in late april. Last period was in late april. I haven't had a period since then and feel LOUSY! I know going off the pill can make you late sometimes, and cause emotional issues. Thing is, I'm nearly a month late, I have nausea, light cramps, aversions to food, EXTREMELY tired, breast tenderness, oily skin, etc. Have had blood tests and home tests, all negative. My OB and primary care both think it's off the pill side effects, or that I'm pregnant. I don't have a thyroid problem. None of my friends had symptoms like this going off the pill, and I've heard of people going through symptoms like this and not getting a positive until they were like...10-12 weeks pregnant. Yikes!

Has anyone with celiac disease/gluten issues ever had this happen? My doctors aren't that worried since I'm not in pain, and told me to take prenatals in case I'm pregnant. I'm just wondering if this is a hormone thing, or a celiac thing? I know Celiac Disease can cause pregnancy issues, but that's only if you're not on a gluten free diet, right? I know my folic acid levels are great, as well as vitamin D/everything else. I'm not going to get much info from my doctors unless AF or a positive pregnancy test comes along. So hopefully some people on here can share some similar experiences!?


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Hmm wow - this is a toughie. What you are experiencing I get sometimes before a period. I have no advice regarding the pill since I was only on it a short time and couldn't tolerate it at all.

I CAN tell you though about my second child. I had what you describe almost to a T, except I was actually vomitting......all tests (including blood tests) came back negative for pregnancy. I had no period either. I swear I must have spent

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