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Celiac Disease Or Something Else?

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Hey there! I'm new to this board...came across it doing some research, and thought maybe someone could offer advice or something to me.

Here's my story...

I'm a 24 yr old female, relatively healthy (have a low platelet count and eczema but nothing serious). I've starting having upper abdominal pain in the beginning of April, that felt like a constant pressure in the center along with nausea. Sometimes, it will get bad after eating fatty/greasy meals (or I'm guessing just large meals). When it gets bad, the pain will build up and sometimes feel pain all over. The pain has lasted as long as 4 hours before it finally dies down. Area is very tender after these episodes, and makes me severely nauseous the entire attack.

Went to the doctor in the beginning of April, and was diagnosed with gastritis, and was given Prilosec OTC. I was told to take it for a week, and return if it wasn't helping. It didn't do anything for the pain or nausea, so I went back in a week. That time I was given Dexilant (1 per day) and Zantac (2x a day) to see if that would do the trick. Dr also ordered a blood test to check liver and pancreas enzymes which came back normal. Another week later, still having the same pain and nausea so was ordered an abdominal ultrasound. Came back normal.

Came back to see another doctor, who then ordered a stool test for H Pylori. That came back normal as well, so I was referred to a gastroenterologist. I saw the Gastro specialist on May 12, and he said it sounded like a poorly functioning gall bladder so he ordered a HIDA scan. Did the scan on the 26th, and that came back normal as well.

I had the EGD on the 23rd, and my GI doctor said everything looked clear. He did biopsy for H Pylori (which I have tested neg through stool test already) and for celiac to rule those out.He prescribed me Librax 2x a day to help with pain and nausea.

I took my first pill of Librax on the night of the 26th, and decided to have some meatloaf, potatoes, and veggies for dinner. I guess that was way too much for my body to handle, because I ended up in the Emergency room for about 3 hours later that night. They gave me a GI cocktail which didn't do anything, so then they gave me pain meds via IV for an hour and sent me home with some Vicodin. Blood tests came back fine for WBC and liver/pancreatic enzymes.

I've lost 6-8 lbs since this started, doesn't seem like a lot but it's usually hard for me to lose. I barely have an appetite, and when I do eat, I usually only eat a little bit because I can't finish even a whole plate of food without starting to feel full/sick.

Called the nurse today for my results, and she said the H Pylori came back fine, but the other one came back with elevated leukocytes (I think that's what she said), and she's going to talk to the dr and see if he wants to order blood work for Celiac Disease. Of course it's the 4th of July weekend, so now I'm stuck here worrying about the "what ifs" until I hear back on Tuesday hopefully.

Sorry for the novel. I hope someone can offer me some insight/advice/anything. Thanks a bunch!

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Has anyone ever had these symptoms or results from the biopsy?

My doctor has ordered the Celiac blood tests, so I will be getting those done next week.

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Well at least 30% of undiagnosed Celiacs have poor functioning gallbladders.

It could be Celiac. There are a lot of variations for Celiac and other GI disorders. You have been tested for a few of these already. You need to keep eating gluten until the testing is done.

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