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Gluten Free Sunscreen

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I have been using neutrogena dry touch spf30. It says it contains Oat (Aveena Sativa) Kernel Extract. Does anyone know if this means it is gluten free or not? Thanks

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You're probably familiar with the debate on the gluten-free status of oats.

1. They are very often grown with and processed with wheat products, making them usually cross-contaminated unless they are certified gluten-free.

2. The protein in oats is very similar to gluten, so many celiacs are not able to tolerate even certified gluten-free ones (including myself).

Also, there's debate as to whether gluten can be absorbed through the skin, but either way, if it's on your hands you're likely to get it in your mouth. Also, many of us do have skin reactions at the same time doctors are saying it can't happen. I wouldn't use sunscreen with oat kernel extract in it. Unless they're using certified oats (highly doubtful) you should consider it unsafe.

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