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Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth

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Hello! I was tested for Celiac via blood work in June, test came back negative. The GI wanted me to get an Endoscopy done and after checking with my insurance company and finding out it would go towards my 2k deductible, I turned it down. I had the Hydrogen Breath test done last week and tested positive for bacteria in the small intestine. I was prescribed a high dose of antibiotics for 14 days. Can this have anything to do with a gluten intolerance? I'm not finding much info out there but I also suffer from a number of other things that first led us to the Celiac test. Is there anyone that has tested positive for SIBO that has went gluten-free and noticed a change in your other symptoms? Some of my other health problems are-

GERD, Kidney stones, yeast infections, Psoariasis, bloating, IBS with D, low Vitamin D.

Thanks for any advice or help!


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