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joanne + Tom

Hi All-- Question About Going From Sensitive To Intolerant

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HI I am new to this forum and so glad I have found this!!!

I am wondering something about celiac disease---

I want to get the biopsy and labs done but my insurance won't pay

I went on a gluten free diet and did well for 3 months

no severe pains, diarrhea etc.

I cheated the other night and ate about 4 little pretzels and have been sick since.

including horrible heartburn.

is it possible I have become terribly sensitive to gluten since being gluten free for 2 months?

I used to have episodes about every 3 days--- ( not good I know)

but in my 20's I was only episodic about every 2-3 months.

it got much worse over the years.....

thanks so much to you all


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I'm rather new to this (only been gluten-free for a month), but I'm finding myself becoming more sensitive as well. And I've read from other posters that their accidental glutenings make them sicker for longer the longer they are gluten free. I too had symptoms years ago, but I never knew they were celiac till now. I began to have persistant severe cramping (among other things) about 2 months ago prompting me to look into celiac. A gluten-free diet fixes this.

I've also read that there are triggers that set it off like stress, pregnancy, surgery, etc. I've had 2 c-sections and knee surgery within the last 2 years. lol!

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Yes, it is possible that you are becoming more sensitive, to the point of full blown intolerance, over time.

Unless you have been eating a full gluten type of diet for months, chances are your medical blood tests won't show a reaction and the biopsy may not, either, then you are still feeling very sick while eating gluten, but officially "not" gluten intolerant - it happens. Some rocket scientist a few years ago decided to test me for celiac antibodies after I had been off of it for years on an all purpose blood workup- the medical office help calls me and tells me, great news, you're not a celiac.... well, duh, after 5 years I would hope that it wasn't showing that I was eating gluten, thank you, and I have no intention of doing so. I went back and had a nice convo with them again- they get that I'm not ever eating gluten, but as I have explained to them, I'm almost a perfect zero for zero on any blood test as I'm also sero negative for arthritis inflammation, etc, and Hades is freezing over before I would deliberately make myself ill, so it's no use trying, even to appease the Insurance Reimbursement Gods.

You can get yourself tested for the genes that show you fall in the class of gluten intolerant or celiac "carriers and potential developers of it" if you are curious. I am already a member of the ethnic groups which are high probability, and have enough family history of related problems that I don't think this could be something else.

The best way to stop cheating once you've identified a problem food, is to just stock up on the best gluten free snacks you can find in whatever sort of food category appeals to you, and get rid of the ones you shouldn't be eating. Also be sure you are taking gluten free vitamin and mineral supplements, because if you are getting your nutrients it helps stop cravings.

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is it possible I have become terribly sensitive to gluten since being gluten free for 2 months?



I was gluten free for two months except for some salad dressing which gave me cramps--a little soy sauce.

Then I decided to eat gluten for blood tests and biopsies. 1/4 of a teaspoon of a cookie threw me into a bad allergic reaction. First time in my life I had an allergic reaction to food. Hard to breathe, throat hurt, earache and clicking, and nose running, then a half hour later I had the gastro response of cramps.

I was diagnosed with allergy to wheat and oats about 50 years ago but never had a reaction, or so I thought.

Strange thing I ate some more later that night because I was determined to get tested and I had no reaction to a half bag of the same cookies.

Unfortunately nobody told me I had to be eating gluten for the blood test and so it convinced the doctors I didn't have Celiac Disease--the tests were bogus.

I was told that months of not eating gluten wouldn't make a difference in the biopsies and the biopsies are taken during the colonoscopy at the low end of the small colon.

WRONG on both counts, I may change my medical provider.

I told them I didn't want the biopsies becaue by that time I was off gluten for 4 months and I had done my research. He took them anyway as proof I did not have the disease.

A couple days ago I ate 3 ice cream cones (gluten-free cones and vanilla and mint chip)to test my lactose intolerance(previously very severe symptoms for that) and

GUESS WHAT??? No reaction to lactose. I'm eating ice cream 3 times a day now. No pill, and no reaction.

I googled and could only find two reasons for remission of Lactose Intolerance--gluten-free Celiacs and pregnancy. In very rare other unexplained instances people go into remission but VERY RARE. Also some very severe gastro problems with severe treatment.

At 65 I'm certainly not pregnant and I have not been treated for some severe gastro illness (except gluten-free diet).

Does anyone know of another reasone to go into remission?

I'm convinced but I will never knowingly eat gluten again.

I now have to carry an epi pen because the 3 times I had the allergic reactions I got worse each time.

Hope I never have to use it, really thick 3 inch needle./and the cost of an ER visit.

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