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Recently Diagnosed Gluten Intolerant

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I have been gluten and dairy free for three weeks and feel so much better in many ways. However, one symptom has actually gotten worse, and I am wondering if it is common for some symptoms to get worse before getting better, after going gluten free.

For years, I have had an irritation around the border of my lips that comes and goes. The dermatologist things it's eczema but it doesn't seem like eczama to me. But, he prescribed a lotion that I would apply around my mouth twice a day which has kept it at bay for the past year, with no flare-ups. I went gluten/dairy free 3 weeks ago, and three days after stopping the gluten and dairy, the irritation started coming back, and is still present. My skin is also itchier than usual, and oddly enough, the insides of my ear canals are even dry and itchy feeling.

I was hoping someone would share their experiences with me if they'd had some symptoms get worse before getting better. I am so excited about the positive changes I've been experiencing, but the lip pain is starting to get to me. It will be easier to tolerate if there is the possibility that it is just temporary.

Thank you....

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