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So, I'm racking my brain, trying to figure out what might have glutened my 3-yr old son. He told us his tummy hurt last night and this morning-- completely unprovoked by us. He's at an age where if we ask if something hurts, he'll always say "yes," so if he tells me something hurts without me asking, I tend to take it more seriously.

At the same time, he's home with me FT and hasn't eaten anything not from our kitchen for the past week at least. He gobbled up two bowls of rice chex this morning and a bowl of quinoa hot cereal.

Basically, how do you tell regular old tummy aches apart from a gluten reaction? My son has celiac disease and has been gluten-free for a year. His growth is back on track and he is doing great on the new diet. But, I am driving myself crazy worrying about his tummy ache. Thanks for any tips/advice!

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It is so hard when our little one's are unwell- trying to figure it out can be such a challenge. I usually *hope* for a fever (sounds bad- but you know what I mean-fever=sick, not gluten-horray!). Other signs I look for- for my son, headache+stomach ache+diarrhea=gluten. One all on its own is a bit harder. Also, for us, he is unlikely to eat if his symptoms are related to gluten. Is anyone else in the house sick with similar symptoms? Were there any opportunities for cross contamination?- such as regular toast crumbs on the table, then on his hand to his mouth, a new food, etc.

Sometimes, we just don't get to figure it out. Good luck to you!


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