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Thinking About Retesting After Negative Result

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I have been lurking around for over a year now. My DD was diagnosed thru blood and endoscopy back in Apr2010.

After her tests confirmed Celia I FOUGHT HARD to get myself and husband tested with our Primary dr. to the point of lying about false symptoms to get the bloodwork done.(why i had to do that is beyond me but they wouldn't test any other way).

My aunt on my moms side has Celiac and my mom most likely had it but died 10 years ago from throat cancer (3rd battle with different cancers).

When we were tested we were Gluten -lite. My husband has had upset stomach and anxiety issue's all his life and he actually eats more gluten free than I do, so he doen't believe or wants to be retested.

Since paying soo much attention to my daughters stomach pains, weight,diarhhea issue's etc.... I noticed some similar things with me. I still eat Gluten muffins, breads, bagels etc.. daily. Lately I had found similar reactions such as urgent needs to go #2, soft stools and bloating. Since stress can trigger Celiac I wonder if I am now positive.

I am considering being retested, we have a new primary (same practice) I am going to have to fight extremely hard for this I know. I have a yearly physical coming up in Sept and am thinking I will approach it then.

I know to keep the same diet until then , but am wondering if anyone else has done a retest in as recent as a years time and gotten different results.??

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Nope, I was only tested right after my first was diagnosed (negative). But since then my body's really gone out of whack after the pregnancy/birth of my last baby (over 2 years ago). Sometimes I wonder and think about being tested again, especially lately. But I wonder if my changes now are pregnancy-related once again. Good luck! I'm thankful I just need to ask - no fighting here.

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