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Better Add New Food Or Probiotics Before Trip?

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We're going to London for 8 days next month where we're renting a flat (so I can cook for myself at the least). Currently, I eat about 16 foods. I've reacted (stomach pain and/or constipation) to most foods I've tried to re-introduce. It's not an issue of cc as my glutened symptoms are neuro and not GI. If all things go well, I have the opportunity to add 4 new things to my diet.

Is it better to stick to adding foods, so I can have a tiny bit more variety? Or is it better to try probiotics, so I can heal my gut sooner? If I don't try probiotics before my trip, I'd have to wait until the first week of October.

One important note: I did try to introduce probiotics (Flora-Q) a little while ago. I started reacting to something and dropped the probiotics. Turned out it was the white rice I was eating that was bothering my system. HOWEVER, I don't know if the probiotics were ALSO contributing to my reaction. (I keep a food diary, but a mild food poisoning thrown in the middle of all this made it hard to figure things out!!)

Probiotics seem more logical, but I sure would like to eat a better variety of foods! Even if it is just one or two more things! I am SOOOO tired of my current diet!!!

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