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Let's chat about rashes...

My son (3.5) has just been dx with celiac through biopsy. When he was younger, he had a persistent nappy rash- it was terrible! Bleeding, red, nothing helped it go away. It finally went away once he potty trained a year ago. My youngest daughter has started this same nappy rash in the last couple of months, about the same time his started. She has dropped from 75% to 22% in two months. The doctors want to test her for celiac as well, and she is only 12 months old.

So, the question is, did anyone ever have a terrible nappy rash on their little ones who eventually have been dx with celiac?

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Yup... My DS was 6 weeks old when his normal newborn breastfeeding poops, turned into constant leaky diarhea with screaming and blistery red bleeding rash around his anus... I kept saying the peds that the rash is coming from his insides and that my breastmilk was poisoning him :( Turned out I fasted for 4 days and he kept nursing... Started opening up his eyes, smiling, eating and falling asleep full. Instead of being starving and then eating and screaming in pain!

It took a little trial and error for us but gluten, and dairy really bother him! We went to a gi ped who recommended we went back on gluten for 3 months and then do scope/biopsy. Well the first day was find but after 48 hours it got absolutely horrific. So bad that my dad (his grandpa) called me in tears asking me to please stop it, that it wasn't worth the "gold standard" official diagnosis...

So we are totally gluten free, and it has made the world of difference! We are IGA deficient and that is why he would need a scope as they can't test his antibody levels, as he doesn't produce IGA... But he was positive for the genetics test...

Good luck, I would cut out all the high allergen stuff: dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, corn... etc... Wishing you and your family well!

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