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What Else Can High Igg Mean?

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I had the cyrex testing which showed very high levels of IgG. Most IgA levels were normal. A few were out of range, but not significantly. I've read a few references on this site that say high IgG can be indicative of other autoimmune issues (not just celiac). Does anyone know what that might be?

If you were me, would you pursue other avenues to look for additional autoimmune issues? Like with a rheumatologist or with a maternal fetal medicine specialist (since I was pre-eclamptic with my pregnancies).

I really don't know how much to trust these cyrex results as there is all kinds of skepticism about them from the conventional medical world. but there is no denying that I have a reaction if I reintroduce gluten. so perhaps I have my answer? I guess, I wonder if having an official diagnosis would be helpful for my kids, and other family members.

I really would like to understand if my test results indicate something other than what I've been told by my naturopath (severe gluten intolerance).



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I would just try the diet. It's the only way to know for sure.

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