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What Are The Tricky Ingredients To Look For Besides The Obvious (Wheat, Barley, Etc)

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I was just diagnosed yesterday, because I have been sick for so long and finally have an answer. I am doing all the research myself, as the soonest appt with a nutritionist is not until Dec 27th. Besides the obvious, what are ingredients to look out for? Someone said caramel coloring? Help please!!

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Try here: http://www.celiac.com/categories/Safe-Gluten%252dFree-Food-List-%7B47%7D-Unsafe-Foods-%26amp%3B-Ingredients/

It has some articles and unsafe food lists. Lots of stuff on the main site! (i.e. www.celiac.com) Another good resource is:

http://www.gluten.net/ click on the 'getting started' tab.

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