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Simac Pasta Extruder

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Kia Ora! I am a Canadian living in New Zealand and have had to go to a gluten-free diet in relation to high stress. I was gluten-free from 1992 to 2001 (and trying to figure out why I stopped).

I was given a pasta machine - a Simac 700 extruder for a just past Christmas present - it had been used as a gluten-free machine by the person who died...and then left in garage until two weeks ago when a friend remembered she had it while discussing gluten-free living.

Never used with regular wheat products. Yay!

My problem: I gave away almost all of my gluten-free cookbooks etc when I moved to NZ in 2001. I am looking for a gluten-free pasta recipe for my machine.

Please help if you can! When I was in Canada I used a Pompeilli machine....but this new to me model probably has more grunt than that one did.

Thanks in advance!

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