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You know it is hot when:

You wear gloves in the middle of summer just so the steering wheel doesn't burn your hands...ouch!

You have to trick your dog just to get them to go potty. You turn around, run back into the house and slam the door behind you. The dog turns around and barks at the door as if to say, "Noooo....you betrayed me! I thought we were in this together!" Hehe oops!

You don't think twice about leaving your lunch in the car at work, after all it will already be warmed up for you when you are ready for lunch break ;) how nice!

Your patio table becomes a defrosting machine for dinner an hour before supper. :o no more day beforers

The house starts to shake, the shingles rip off your roof, lightning strikes around you, trees fall down in your yard and right before thinking, "maybe I should go to the basement", you think, "oooh maybe it will rain".

The grocery store is packed with mommies with their kiddos and elderly people who waited until it was pouring outside to do their weekly run. Much safer and convenient right?

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