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Blue Bell Bullets

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My son has been gluten free since February. He is 8 and on a strict gluten free diet. Even the little crumb will give him problems. I though the package of the Blue Bell Bullets looked safe enough. Even looked online and didn't see an issue with the regular (only sugar free looked to be questionable). Tonight after having the following he is in pain =(

Vigo Yellow Rice (eats all the time without issue)

Johnsville all beef sausage (also listed as gluten free)

Green beans (only flavored with olive oil and salt)

And then for dessert the Blue Bell.

He had the reaction within 30 minutes of the ice cream...which is typical for him. Has anyone else had a reaction to this product. Will for sure be taking out of his diet for now. Sad for him, but one less icecream to enjoy. =(

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