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Traces Amounts Of Gluten Causing Depression? And A Warning About Goodbelly Coconut Water

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Hi everybody--

First, please watch out for GoodBelly probiotic coconut water and other drinks. They use barley malt and oats in their probiotic culturing process. I told the company they should put a big CONTAINS GLUTEN label on the bottle. I was so shocked after a took a sip that a coconut water would have gluten in it.

So this leads into my question. I took a sip of the coconut water almost two weeks ago. Just a sip, and it's a small amount of gluten according to GoodBelly. However, I have had a bout of depression and anxiety hit me over the last week. So that would be about a week after the incident. There are a lot of things I could attribute this depression to but it feels really physical, like that oozy oily dark cloud on my mood that comes in bouts and goes. I don't really feel like it's from emotional issues, I feel like something triggered it--either that I am trying to eat rice again (I have been off grains for four months due to food intolerances) or this glutening. I am wondering if anyone has a delayed depressive bout from a glutening, even from trace amounts.

Oh, I would like this to lift and get back to feeling more normal. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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