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Scott Adams

2 million white Americans have celiac disease - NBCNews.com

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2 million white Americans have celiac disease


One percent of non-Hispanic whites in the U.S. - close to two million Americans - have celiac disease, but most are not aware they suffer the gluten-intolerance problem, according to a new study. More from TODAY.com. Lone survivor recalls one of worst ...

One of every 100 US whites has celiac disease Chicago Tribune

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Grand Forks Herald

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"2 million white Americans have celiac disease..." :o

And now a variation of the same makes MSNBC. Anyone else see a pattern to this yet ?

About 7,800 people participated in the celiac survey, and gave a blood sample that was tested for signs of the immune response to gluten that characterizes celiac disease.

The researchers, who published their study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, found evidence of celiac disease in 35 people, 29 of whom were not aware of their sensitivity to gluten.

Six of the 35 people with celiac disease were not white.

Everhart says that based on the number of non-whites in the study - 4,368 - having just six test positive illustrates that celiac disease is pretty rare among non-whites.

"I think we confirmed the clinical suspicion that this is largely a condition found among non-Hispanic whites in this country," he told Reuters Health.

That would be 29 of the 3432 did have a positive blood sample, or slightly under 1% (.08)

But six of 35 is 17% "with celiac disease were not white."

100% -14% of black (A/A) population gives 86% of the population as being "other." If they had an actual representative breakdown sample of the subjects reflecting the minority demographics population of the United States (which it appears they don't, from the news article, haven't looked at the actual study yet) then there would also be about 16% Hispanics/Latinos subtracted from that 86 %, so the study should have had about 70% "white" people, maybe less, if you then subtracted out other minorities. That is about 219 million people remaining of the demographic which they are claiming gets celiac, when they apply their 1%. And get 2 million people.

But their study sample is already heavily skewed to have a really large percentage of what they are claiming is the demographic that doesn't get celiac, anyway.

Duh. :ph34r: :ph34r: :angry:

Where do they come up with this stuff, anyway ?

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