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Loestrin 24 Fe

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Hey fellow celiacs, does anyone here take Loestrin? I'm pretty sure I'm glutening myself somehow, so I'm double-checking all my medications.

My gyno originally prescribed Loestrin for me because it was advertised as gluten-free but they've since taken that language down from the web site. I called the manufacturer, and the person I spoke with stated that the pills "do not contain gluten from wheat, rye, barley, or oats, but they cannot be certified gluten-free." I realize this is probably a CYA statement, but I thought I would ask around: Does anyone out there take this? Has anyone had a reaction to it?

I know someone will suggest stopping the pills to see if my symptoms subside, but I'm very hesitant to do that. I take it to control my horrid ovulation pain.

Thanks in advance!

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