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  1. I've been doing the AIP diet since it was recommended to me - so a few days. It's going well! It definitely takes meal prep, but I found some great recipes and made a bunch of food and put it in the freezer for breakfast and lunches, which helps a lot. I am definitely craving things...sweets mostly...
  2. Thanks to everyone! It's nice chatting with people who understand and have empathy. I looked into the AIP diet, and I'm going to start it tonight! It seems...restrictive, but I'm going to look at it as a way to make me feel better instead of what I can't eat. Thank you for the tip, knitty kitty...
  3. I just signed up for this forum, so please excuse the late response. My wife actually had this same exact thing for a while - I even saw the twitching. She was initially going gluten-free with me out of support and we discovered she was really low on vitamins because of it (mostly magnesium...
  4. Hi all, I just signed up for this forum because I am newly diagnosed. I thought I was "gluten-sensitive" so have been avoiding gluten since September, but am now as careful as I can possibly be. I try to avoid gluten like the plague, obviously. I was in my cousin's wedding recently (who...