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  1. I'm sorry you are struggling so much with all those horrible symptoms. And for so long too. I can relate, I thought I was going crazy - most of the symptoms I discussed with friends...
  2. Thank you SO much for posting these links. Started reading them already and incredibly helpful. This forum is amazing for advice! Many thanks again.
  3. Incredibly helpful thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am really keeping this in mind.
  4. Hi everyone I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 2 weeks ago. I have been eating gluten free and trying my best to avoid cross contamination. I would be really grateful...
  5. Really helpful reading your experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.
  6. Thank you so much for your thoughts. Its been such an overwhelming couple of days and this has been very helpful! Thanks!
  7. Just wondering what vitamins people were advised to take after diagnosis? I am anemic so think I need to improve my iron, presuming low on b12 and D but am yet to have full vitamin...
  8. Thanks for replying. Could I ask what you do to relieve any of the pain or help the leaking? Sorry I know it's an embarrassing topic - hence my lack of info on this!!
  9. Please could you describe your psychological and neurological reactions since going gluten free?
  10. Thank you for sharing back! Interesting to hear of others with the eyelid twitches. I'm not sure if I have a B12 or D deficiency yet but this is something I am going to try and...
  11. I got diagnosed with coeliac disease yesterday, so I'm still researching and learning a lot about it all. Including cross contamination! I wondered, what are people's thoughts on...
  12. Love the positivity of this post, thank you! I am also extremely prone to getting anxious and getting lost on the internet looking at more concerning reasons for symptoms. However...