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  1. Wow, I cannot imagine feeling how I feel for 2+ years! I am sorry to hear that it took so long for your body to finally stabilize. Was there anything in particular you noticed that helped finally get you over the edge to recovery (certain vitamins, specific foods, specific activities, etc.)?
  2. Thanks for the insight! Unfortunately, I've had blood work done both pre- and post- diagnosis, multiple times; and each time all electrolyte/vitamin levels come back well within normal ranges. I already take a daily multivitamin which provides more than enough of almost all my B vitamins and fat...
  3. Hey Scott, thanks for taking the time to respond! It seems the general consensus is that time is the biggest factor here, which I definitely understand. One thing I forgot to mention was that my Celiacs was triggered by an independent virus, at which time triggered the autoimmune reaction, resulting...
  4. Hey guys, quick background on me. I am a highly active, 30 year old male, and was diagnosed with Celiacs a little over two months ago, immediately went gluten free and many of my symptoms began to resolve within about a month (diarrhea, major weight loss, extreme fatigue, tiredness, brain fog, headaches...