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  1. My dd just turned 3 and doesn't really have any symptoms of Celiac. I'm the one in the family with it. Recently her stools have looked like they have big clumps of steak fat in them. I know that is TMI sorry about that. But I was wondering if any of your kids have had that and it turned out to be a sign of celiac. She is growing right on track and all that. Thanks
  2. Could It Be?

    Thanks. I'm scared for her to get blood drawn too. But I would rather her have a few painful moments than years. I'll ask the doc. at her 3 year checkup.
  3. Could It Be?

    Is she old enough to be tested and how accurate are those results? I remember they never tested her before because they said the results are accurate in babies.
  4. Could It Be?

    I have Celiac and now I'm wondering about my daughter. She is almost three but doesn't really show any symptoms. Except for having really soft/runny stools and they are mucousy too. We kept her off all gluten until she was a year old. She had several intolerants to foods as a baby but can eat anything now. I've taken her off milk and that doesn't seem to make much of a difference. She hardly ever complains of her tummy hurting. Once in awhile she will but she eats fine in fact she eats all the time. She is growing perfectly. I don't really want to take her off gluten if there is no need. She doesn't eat too much of it really since I'm gluten free. She does have a piece of bread for a sandwich at lunch but other than that she's pretty much gluten free with a few exceptions here and there. Any ideas? Could she be celiac and be growing so well?
  5. I made my own baby food and it is super easy and kind of fun. But I think it would be better to just eat the food fresh. Plain meats, steamed veggies etc. On a side note I but the baby food into ice cube trays and froze them. Then when the baby was hungry I just popped a few cubes into the microwave and we had a meal.
  6. I am confused about a few things and looking for some answers. Is Celiac an autoimmune disease? I don't think I actually have celiac just gluten intolerance according to Dr. Fine. I have never had a biopsy but have been gluten-free for 3 years now and doing fine until recently. I read on here that if you have one autoimmune disease you are at a higher risk of developing more. 4 years ago when I was really sick they did blood test and thought I had Lupus. I know that is a common mistake right? Well, I have been fine but recently got the flu. I think that triggered something and I have no idea what. I have had zero energy and can't get rid of a low grade fever even with the antibiotics I am on. I went to the doctor and he is testing my thyroid and blood counts but I have little hope of them finding anything. It just took so long to get diagnosed with this I have little faith in Doctors sometimes. (He even had little faith in finding anything) I guess I should mention that I have gained 11 pounds (in the last 7 months!) despite eating right and working out Help! I don't know what is going on with me or who to turn to. I have an 18 month old and I feel like I am being a horrible mother to her because I have absolutely no energy to play
  7. Search for Burpdog biscuits. I have heard those are really good...Well that the dogs like them The lady make gluten-free dog biscuits out of her home. I found the site. check it out! burpdog
  8. Anyone reading the "You on a Diet" book I started doing this 3 days ago and it is getting hard to find things that I can eat on this diet. Just curious if anyone else is doing it. The book is great and makes a lot of since but doesn't mention what you can eat if you can't eat whole wheat.
  9. We just went through this. My baby's GI doctor told me NOT to feed her gluten until she is one. The reason being all babies have a leaky gut and at a year it is sealed up more like an adult. So they have less of a chance or at least you are prolonging any symptoms. I started my daughter on Wheat at 13 months or so. She is 15 months now and is doing great so far. (knock on wood) Before we started wheat Wagon wheels were a great life saver! Also, the dora the explorer stars are great for little ones to munch on. It is hard but he is almost a year
  10. Just to let you know on the website they have the Mushroom gravy listed as Gluten free but the label clearly list wheat in the ingredients. I emailed the company to let them know of their mistake. Just a heads up be sure to read the labels
  11. just wanted to add that the site is neat because you can add foods and save them. Like and gluten-free foods that we eat are not on the list but it is real easy to add them. Also, I counted and I have actually lost 9 inches Very neat site
  12. I have been using this site for the past couple of weeks and I really love it. Sparkpeople.com. It is free and when you sign up you pick a few goals they tell you how many calories you should eat a day and how many to burn. They also set up a exercise program that is best suited for where you are. You can pick foods off a list they have or add your own. It is a little time consuming at first but it is becoming easier and easier. I have lost about 5 inches total mostly just from using this site.
  13. I have these in the oven right now. Anyone know how long they take to cook? thanks
  14. I saw it too and thought it was great! Here is a link that is neat they said coming in the fall. So maybe soon! http://www.ming.com/
  15. Anyone know where to get gluten-free corn dogs? I haven't had one in years and I would love one. Maybe it's just fair time and it brings back memories but that sounds soooooo good to me right now.
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