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  1. Don't know if this could be it, but for me the texture and the fact that it is just way too much starch bothers me. My oldest daughter would say it made her stomach hurt. Our solution was to buy the English Muffins instead which are lighter and cut them into 4 pieces and lightly toast them. The whole family likes that better and it makes the package go twice as far which is great since it's not cheap!
  2. If it helps I've been drinking it every morning for several months with no problems. I'm very sensitive and having something every day if it has gluten in sets off essential tremors and trigeminal neuralgia for me and it hasn't done that. My daughter has also had it many times with no reaction. I've also been using Reddi Whip with no problems. Hope this helps.
  3. I bought some of their soups recently that did not have any gluten ingredients listed, but since I had not had these particular soups before I looked on the website to see if they said anything about them. It didn't, but I noticed that if I pulled up a label some of them would say gluten free. So, for the same product, the label on the internet would say gluten free, but the can I had just bought did not. I did not contact the company, but I'm guessing they are transitioning labels to say gluten free? With Progresso as long as the ingredients look o.k. I'm not too worried. I haven't had it yet, but I also bought a can of the Santa Fe Style Chicken.
  4. holiday16

    Bush's Chili Beans

    They said they are not changing the statements yet because there are still so many on the shelf that do have wheat, but if you find a new can without wheat on the label it does not contain gluten. According to the message that was left on my machine by them they reformulated it to make it gluten free.
  5. holiday16

    Bush's Chili Beans

    I called the company and left a message since it was after hours and they called me back today and left a message on my machine. They said they did remove the wheat from the chili beans to make it gluten free, but have not changed their statements yet since it is so new and there are so many old products still on the shelf that still have wheat listed. So, as long as you find chili beans without wheat listed they are gluten free! I was at the store the other night and found both on the shelves, but most still had wheat so you do have to be careful. Sounds like it was a fairly recent change.
  6. I bought a can of this the other day because the label did not list any gluten ingredients. I went to double check on the Bush's website to make sure it was o.k. and it lists it as containing gluten. I couldn't figure from the label what ingredient it could possibly be in so I did some google searches and found labels on-line for the same product and they list wheat flour on the ingredients, but that is not on my can. Is it possible the formulation has changed and the website for Bush's has just not been updated yet? Has anyone else found the Bush's Best Chili Beans without wheat flour on the label? I know it had it in before because I would periodically check chili beans and had never found any without wheat in and was shocked when I picked up the can and found no wheat on the label.
  7. I believe it can, but at such low levels that for many it is not an issue. I take a soy protein supplement that I was fine with and then had some where I reacted. Because of that I began testing by lot number and found that some have small levels of gluten. I had one where the level was barely detectable (probably about 5 ppm if I had to guess) and if I take that every day I will have a full blown reaction after about 3 weeks (which includes tremors and trigeminal neuralgia). It appears to build up. If I take the one that tests around 5 ppm no more than twice a week I'm fine. I have been in contact with the company and it does appear that the cross contamination would most likely be taking place before it comes to the company and given they don't test each batch for gluten (and certainly not at 5 ppm levels) it's not likely to be caught. I also live in Ohio and talked with a farmer here. In their opinion the way things are done he said he would be shocked if there was not cross contamination. He was telling me how he and his brother used to haul loads and said you would be amazed at what gets mixed in with grains. He said his brother used to say nothing cleans out metal shavings out of a truck like a load of corn. Great huh? Basically it comes down to how well is the foreign material removed. I would compare it to when you get dry beans and have to check for the small rocks because the cleaning process is not 100%. You don't find many, but there are still a small amount. In the big picture I think unless you are consuming a significant amount of soy every day it's probably not a big deal.
  8. holiday16


    I can't remember exactly how much I started with, but I know I increased it very gradually. I think maybe 10 mg. and I lost 3 lbs. the first day and then it really slowed down. I've been on it for about 7 months now and have lost 9-10 lbs. so still have maybe 7-10 more to lose? I went up to 15 mg. and then it took me forever to get up to 20 mg, but I'm on that now. Over time the racing heart etc. goes away as you adjust to the medication. I found taking 5 mg. sustained release capsules work best and I take 10mg. in the morning and another 10 four hours later. I could not find the original study, but a summary is at this link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17765403 It has been a very slow process for me, but I was dealing with this for about 10 years and I had been taking diuretics, but as little as possible. I was at a point before I started this med. that I was starting to have blurred vision and could feel the water moving in my head which sounds weird, but if I bent over I could feel it. I just had so much edema and it was no longer responding to anything. After being on this med. if I take a diuretic I have to chip off a tiny fraction because that's all I need! Before I could take a whole pill and it would do nothing. Just that alone tells me it makes a huge difference. I have not had any diuretic in the past week and have not had water gain even though I had alot of sodium the other night. In the past sodium made me swell even if it was just a little bit. (For some reason with this condition the body seems to hyper respond to sodium). I was very surprised to find that even after having so much sodium I actually lost some water weight. Not sure if it will be true for you, but stress also seems to make me swell more. However, on this med. I also handle stress much better. I really think my system was just not functioning the way it should which led to many of the problems I was having and stress made it worse. Gluten also makes me swell which is interesting. Dairy made me swell a little bit for a while. Have you tried eliminating that to see if it makes a difference? For most people it's casein, but for me it was lactose. I hope this med. works for you. It took me 10 years of searching to find an answer so if this works you're lucky to have found it so quickly!
  9. holiday16


    If it continues to be an issue you may want to look at the possiblity of idiopathic orthostatic edema. It took me 10 years to figure out that is what was wrong with me. There is a yahoo group for this, but it has very little activity. It is helpful though to go back and read old posts. That is where I was able to find a medication that helps this. Would never have found it otherwise. Most Drs. are very dismissive of this and do not understand what it is. No one even really knows for sure why the medication works or exactly what the mechanism is that causes the swelling. It's all theory...
  10. For anyone military who might be stationed here the mixes were at the commissary for $2.49 each and they did carry all 4. Don't know if other commissaries would have them, but anyone military or w/ access to a commissary may want to check it out. Also found Honey Kix for $1.89 a box and I think Chex are around $2 & I think they have all 5 kinds. Still can't believe we found them there for that price. Our Krogers sells them for $4.49 a box. Very nice to save $ anywhere we can on gluten-free foods!!! Paulette
  11. holiday16

    Penzy's Spices

    I love them. Their pizza spice is amazing and makes a really good easy pizza sauce. When I asked them about gluten-free they also recommended avoiding their cocoa mixes. Not sure if that has changed since I asked.
  12. Someone mentioned making your own and I just tried that for the first time recently. My dh gave me a gift certificate to William Sonoma for Christmas so I used it to buy a waffle cone maker. Took a little practice and experimenting, but they came out really well. Kids were thrilled. I've seen cones for sale, but they are always so expensive and this really didn't take much time. I was really surprised at how well they turned out and how easy it was once I got the hang of it. Paulette
  13. holiday16

    Sam's Club

    Every Sam's is different, but ours is where I buy the cornstarch for my baking. Cheapest way for me to get it. I also bought my baking powder in bulk there because gluten-free baked goods call for so much of it. As far as gluten-free processed foods all I can think of are the Taquitoes (beef) I think DeliMex brand? Also, Seapak shrimp scampi. Ours also has rice crackers that say gluten-free on the box. Have you checked out the Sams website? Sometimes you can see if the store in your area carries an item. I did that the other day because my dd wanted to know the price of the shrimp scampi and it was on there.
  14. I found this on another site: ***The following was received by mail. You must call 1-800-257-8443 to get the most recent copy of this list from Campbell's, as they won't send it by email. The following information was dated "As of February 2009". Note that there are no Campbell's Soups or Pace Picante products that are considered gluten-free.*** I actually no longer buy campbells products. At one point they were on one of the lists here as a company that did not hide gluten, but after double checking w/ them about a product that according to the label looked o.k. I was told it contained gluten. I asked twice what it contained, but could not get an answer. I prefer companies that keep an updated list on their site, but if I remember correctly they will only mail it and I don't care for that.
  15. Found them at our Krogers a bit over a week ago for $4.49 a box. They had all but the chocolate. Not sure why. So far have made the brownies and yellow cake. Brownies taste like the kind you get from a box and were good. I usually make mine from scratch using the Joy of Cooking recipe and a homemade version of Bob's red mill gluten-free flour mix and it turns out really well. Dh preferred the ones I usually make, but that's a no brainer because they're really rich and take a while to make! The yellow cake they all seemed to like just fine, but it made me a bit nauseated. I don't do well w/ anything made mostly from white rice so I think that's just me. For the price of one layer I think I'll just make mine from scratch, but it will be nice to have a backup if I'm in a hurry or something. Not sure it I'll ever try the chocolate since our Krogers carries Pamelas chocolate cake mix for about the same price and it makes 2 layers and is really good. The yellow cake did sit for a few days and stayed moist so that is a huge plus since most yellow cakes seem to dry out fairly quickly. I will say it was nice to be able to buy a mix in a regular part of the store... Paulette