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  1. Thanks, Amber. I'm sure I'll get to the point of seeking specific restaurant recommendations, as well as what not to miss in our free time. Of course, if you, or anyone else, wants to mention something now, that's fine. I've bookmarked this thread. Now we were just trying to decide if...
  2. Thanks for the links, georgie. I've told my husband about all the information I'm getting and he said he was amazed by how people were going out of their way to help. I keep telling him that this is how this board works -- and why I spend so much time here
  3. Thanks! This is exciting news. My husband will be glad to hear of it too. I am saving all suggestions. I'm not quite sure when we would go yet. I'm obviously at the very beginning of planning. Is there a particular time of year you all would suggest?
  4. Hi, I haven't read through this entire thread yet, though I will. What prompts me to come here is that my husband has talked for decades about wanting to see Australia and New Zealand, but we haven't been able to because he gets only two weeks vacation time and he thinks it would take way longer...
  5. If you look at the labelling forum, you will find a discussion of this. There are two ways allergens can get into wine. There are fining agents that take sediment out. This can be a form of clay, egg, casein, or some part of a fish. This is why some wines are considered vegan and some aren't...
  6. This reminds me of the problems they got into for saying their fries are vegetarian, when they weren't.