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  1. Is there a whole food where you are? Look up UDI's bread.............it is so light and fluffy.........the first bread i have had that is identical to wheat bread. You can make sandwiches. You can order tons of gluten free foods online if you dont have a store near you..........start stockpiling to take off the stress of what to eat.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I dont know a whole lot about these results in detail, but the ALT and AST are suggestive of some liver damage......probably inflammation. Your numbers arent extremely high, but there is definitely some damage being done. The High creatinine is suggestive of a kidney problem. Not sure what exactly. And the glucose is suggestive of diabetes. Was this a fasting test? I cant tell you what is going on, but that is the basics of what those mean. Being that your liver and kidneys arent functioning perfectly, I assume your body is having a hard time detoxing. What are your symptoms right now? It looks like you have a lot of inflammation in your GI tract. It could be celiac or some major food intolerances. It could calso be a bacterial infection (H.Pylori), and many other bacteria. I would look into getting a stool test to look for infection, malabsorption, and anything else that might be going wrong throughout the GI tract.
  4. Stick to whole foods for now (Meat, veggies, fruit, rice, fish and beans). You can try all of the gluten free stuff once you get a handle on things and your intestines heal a bit. Staying away from dairy is also recommended for about 6 months (the villi are needed to digest lactose). Just eat a lot of Chicken and rice, beef tacos (corn tortilla), fish and rice, stir frys. As far as something quick to eat, try some fruit, string cheese if dairy doesnt bother you, nuts, seeds, rice chex cereal. Keep it simple until you get accustomed to this diet. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle all of this at once. If you want to know if something isgluten free, try putting the name of the food and the words gluten free in the search box. Also if you have a whole foods or trader joes near by, they have a list in the store of all of their gluten free products. Feel free to Private message me with any questions, i dont always look on this forum, so PM's go to my email address and will respond ASAP. Jonathan
  5. This is where i found all of the recipes i cook with. A lot of people have candida issues as well as gluten and these recipes cover all of the problems. They use a lot of alternative grains and sweetners (Stevia/Chicory). Please check it out if you are suffering from candida and celiac and cant figure out how to cook or what to eat. Here is the website and everything is free. I am a member and love the people and the information. If you love the support of people on here, you will love this site. Everybody is so caring and the products they sell are great (You dont have t buy anything. I also recommend following their candida treatment plan also. I dont work and i am not paid by the website, im just a happy customer. www.wholeapproach.com
  6. Have you looked up the supplement Molybdenum............It sounds kind of interesting?
  7. What is the treatment that you have started? Im guessing something to open up the pathway. Why does the pathway get blocked?
  8. Please do............my reaction was violent vomiting from 12am -4am , pounding headache and non-stop nausea until about noon . Wine always gives me some trouble, but never this much.
  9. My doctor just recommended me taking Candi-gone over a Rx antifungal.........does anyone know if this is a good product? He will test me for metal toxicity ina month if I dont get better on this product.........anyone try this product or heard anything about it?
  10. I got really sick the other night while drinking only 3 glasses of wine in a 5 hour time span.........Does this have anything to do with the sulfation pathway issue you have..........I know wine contains sulfites. Why would wine make me so sick............
  11. Does anyone know what mild edema of villi means?
  12. I have been having this feeling of a very tight lower stomach and it makes it hard to breathe. It seems to get worse when im on my feet.......Has anyone had this? Its feels like im flexing my abs all of the time. Could it be the new probiotic im taking....it has 5 billion bacteria and i was only taking 1 billion before.......It kind of feels like bloating, but its in the lower ab region..........My lower back is also sore. Could a lower back muscle pull cause a tight stomach feeling? It feels better with rest and gets worse when im active.
  13. I am in exactly in the same boat as you..............I have been feeling crappy since diagnosis and i recently had an endoscopy and bloodwork, even a colonoscopy and everything is perfect (totally healed, etc.) I still have issues with nausea, fatigue, brain fog. I just did the OAT test from Great Plains Laboratory and got some great info. You need to have this test done as Rachel 24 on here will tell you. They found very high yeast problems, not just candida and bacterial overgrowth along with really high oxalates. The test check for metabolites of yeast/mold/bacteria and much more. It is very accurate and costs bout 275 dollars. This test i believe will help you figure out what is wrong. I suggest doing a very low carb no sugar diet (High Protein) and seeing how you feel. You may have yeast issues and probably dsysbiosis. The #1 reason why people still feel like crap even after completely healed is because of dysbiosis. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  14. I applied for an individual PPO because i got laid off of work and they denied me. I got a letter today stating that I wouldnt be covered by Blue Shield until I was symptom and treatment free for 5 years.........What is the point of the insurance then? How can I prove I am Symptom free, even though I am not. These insurance companies are getting ridiculous with choosing who they cover. Why dont they at least cover me and chrge a premium that is equal to the risk. Unbelievable. It isnt even an illnes that requires daily medication.
  15. Is anyone on a diet to stop yeast overgrowth and also a low oxalate diet at the same time..........what foods cn you eat when this terrible combo diet?
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