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  1. You hold Ron Hoggan up to this forum like he is some sort of an authority figure about celiac disease and non celiac gluten sensitivity. He has no more education on the subject than you or I do. He is a retired special education teacher who is making money selling books he's probably not qualified to write. Besides, Ron didn't put his response here, you did.
  2. It's my understanding that Ron Hoggan's doctorate is in education, not medicine.
  3. Apparently the celiac weekend they had in March was a success. It's only about 20 mimutes away from me. I've been there too many times to count. It's kind of fun the first couple of times you go. It's very expensive! I didn't realize they had gluten free chicken. Do you suppose they take care not to cross contaminate? I did buy my Christmas tree from Bronners. I love Bronners.
  4. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/bookshelf/br.f...t=celiac#celiac Maybe this can help you decide.
  5. I found this online. I think it's interesting. It may pertain to this subject. http://www.diabetes.co.uk/diabetes-forum/v...?f=1&t=5290
  6. http://www.diabetes.org/other-types.jsp
  7. Type 1s are usually thin at diagnosis. They can't control glucose levels with oral medications. They need insulin because their pancreas's no longer have the ability to make insulin. Type 2s do make insulin. For some reason their bodies no longer react to it. Type 1s get a condition called ketoacidosis when their glucose levels are out of control. Type 2s seldom do. When their sugar is out of control too long, the develop a condition called hyperosmolarity. They are distinctly different. The damage is the same. My mom was type 1, my dad was type2, my brother is type2 and my husband is type 2. I'm pretty famaliar with both types unfortunately.
  8. It sounds a heck of a lot like diverticular disease. And it is diagnoced with a ct scan and a high white blood cell count.
  9. Ranger, I noticed that you are 63 years old. That would make your in-laws somewhere in their 80's. If I were you, I would cut them some slack. Maybe they could even use a little help around the house themselves. Take a good hard look at them. They could be slipping. If the kithcen is that filthy, they probably need someone to help them out. This stuff is pretty heavy on my mind right now because I have been taking care of my elderly Aunt. She isn't capable of cleaning any longer. My brother and I put her in-patient in hospice just last week. She has advanced COPD and dementia.
  10. Thank you Debbie......I was really curious about how the doctors at a place as prestigious as the Mayo felt about stool testing. It's interesting! It's also not what I expected. neesee
  11. Hi Debbie.....I'm glad the Mayo was able to help you. It sounds like you'll be back in the swing of things real soon. It was a good decision to go to the Mayo. I do have a question. Didn't your Naturopathic Dr diagnose a gluten problem with stool tests? What did the Mayo clinic think about that? neesee
  12. I had no trouble at all being diagnosed with traditional medicine. The gastroenterologist came into my hospital room and took one look at me sitting there in my pediactric pajamas, crying and shaking,and he started arranging all the tests for celiac. I had never heard of it back then. The nurses didn't even know what it was. So yes, for me, traditional medicine is the way to go. When medical society approves of Dr. Fine's methods and starts using them for diagnostic purposes then I can say I'm wrong about him. I doubt that will happen anytime soon. When you've been through all the traditional tests, and they are negative,but you know gluten bothers you, just go gluten-free. I don't understand why you need enterolab's permission to go gluten-free. 400$ buys a lot of gluten-free food and supplies. I don't appreciate being badgered about my opinion on Dr Fine. I should be allowed to express my opinion just like anyone else here. Even if I don't agree. It just seems like unless you agree with the majority, you should keep your mouth shut. This forum is for support. I wouldn't feel right telling someone to use enterolab for a diagnosis. Especially when it comes to their precious children. To the best of my ability, I will always give proper advice. Yes, I do make mistakes, but I will never advise someone to use enterolab. Denise My friends call me neesee
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