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  1. I don't at all believe that digestive enzymes are snake oil. I have taken them on occasion. My Dr. prescribed them and wrote me a prescription for them to see if they would help my sluggish digestion. They are much cheaper that way and you know what you are getting. I was never told they would help...
  2. Here's some info on digestive enzymes that I think comes from a pretty reliable source. http://health.med.umich.edu/healthcontent....ArticleType=Cam Oh and Rachel, I don't think you're a shill and Im sure you don't have a connection to unclezack. neesee
  3. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=shill&r=67 I believe he has accomplished his goal here. In my opinion, he's collected a pretty good little following. It doesn't matter if he stays here now or not. neesee
  4. It is my understanding that the only known viable treatment for celiac and non celiac gluten sensitivity is the strict adherence to the gluten free diet. I also believe it is the forum's responsibility to protect the gullible ones among us from those who seek take advantage and sell us things...
  5. I prefer to read the ingredient list. It's always worked for me.