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  1. Gluten/wheat is not listed, so it would be gluten free. It does contain soy, which I am allergic to, so unfortunately I cannot purchase this brand...Walmart price on this product is great!
  2. The majority of the cooking sprays have soy in them with a few exceptions. I presently have a Safeway cooking spray can that is Canola oil, and no soy. I always check the can ingredients because they are always changing ingredients!! Sometimes I simply brush canola oil, coconut oil, or olive oil...
  3. Victoria and Mindy are 100% correct ....as of 2008 Celiac is considered a disability. There was an article fairly recent on this forum about Pizza Hut having charges brought against them by a mother who brought a school group to the restaurant and a child brought in ....I think...MacDonald's fries...
  4. My husband has had foul breath for years, and it is not a dental problem. I do not have diabetes, but I know the odor of a diabetic, and this is not the same as a diabetic.....it is a very foul, rotting corpse type odor...it comes and goes, and interestingly enough, his adult son has the same problem...
  5. The digital thermometers are pricey, I also hesitated before buying one......it was worth every cent, and I will buy another one to keep in the motorhome. I have the one that has a metal probe with a wire attached, and is connected to the case that has the digital printout and has an alarm that...
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. I'm not familiar with European tuna....my guess would be the tuna you mentioned only includes the ingredients listed. Soy is a vegetable, and does not include gluten. I'm soy intolerant, and that is why I have to analyze labels so carefully. Soy makes me very ill. A product that lists vegetable...
  8. OMG Cooperfamily4......I've been sick for the past two weeks and now I know why.....my jar of Best Foods mayo does not list soy after the words natural flavors. Hellmann's mayo uses the label "Best Foods"west of the rockies, and that is the brand that I have been purchasing. I travel, and I know...
  9. Guess someone will have to be the guinea pig, try it in baking, and let us know how it turned out. I'm supposed to be allergic to white potatoes, but not sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. You are fortunate to live near an Asian market.
  10. I'm so glad I saw this post....I'm originally from Lynn, and Swampscott, MA and some of my favorite memories have been of going out for fried clams and/or scallops. I now live in the western part of the US, and, unfortunately, the next time I visit will be for my 95 year old mom's departure from...