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  1. The 10 y/o cooked tonight. We have green beans and new potatoes, raw broccoli and cauliflower salad, and strawberries...
  2. I believe the OP said homeopath AND food allergy testing - those are 2 different tests. Our alt specialist did live...
  3. Our "alternative" practitioners have been more knowledgeable than our medical doctors when it comes to allergies. Their...
  4. Mom23boys

    Dairy, Lactose, Casein, Milk

    Pretend that dairy is gluten. Take the same amount out that you take out for celiac.
  5. Mom23boys

    For Those Who Gave Up Dairy...

    I tend to agree with the no dairy crowd.
  6. Mom23boys

    Gas And Can't Figure Out The Cause

    As a friend of mine who is a science teacher says Carbs = gassssssss Protein = smell The things I would focus in...
  7. If you are doing it on your own, the food journal is the best way to start. I would focus in on the most common allergens...
  8. My boy is going to be in a book club this summer. He is used to not eating snacks at other homes but I really want to...
  9. Mom23boys

    Allergy Testing

    We just had a child retested using the same lab that did our IgG testing. It was 1/10th what we pay the "traditional...
  10. In most cases you have to be eating the food on an IgG test. Being off for a year would create false negatives in most...
  11. Mom23boys

    Sam's Club

    I have a business membership and I had to provide my tax id number on the form.
  12. Mom23boys

    Sam's Club

    Our savings on gasoline pay for our membership. I love the Click and Pull too. I sit at home and order online....
  13. If it were me, I would go to another derm. I could not trust a word she said. I went to a local allergist and he...
  14. Mom23boys

    Sam's Club

    You don't need to join to check prices, just go online. Do keep in mind the online list doesn't show everything but...
  15. Mom23boys

    Argh! Heartburn...

    I went to my soft touch chiropractor. There is a little place in the back that pregnancy can pull out. I don't know...