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  1. My daughter, who is almost 21 and has celiac disease, was diagnosed with Epilepsy a year ago. Hindsight being 20/20, we realized she had been having seizure since she was a teenager but the random passing out and feelings of being 'out of it' were attributed to dehydration or poor nutrition and sleep habits during numerous trips to the emergency room. In our reading about Epilepsy, I have found some mention of celiac and gluten issue connections and even where a strict adherence to a gluten-free diet provided a lot of improve the with frequency and severity of seizures. I would be interested to know if anyone else shares this experience.
  2. I have also reacted to various Planters products, believing them to be safe because gluten is not listed in the allergens but have had almost identical reactions to yours. It did not occur to me that I might be getting zapped from them until just recently when I ate some of their Salt and Vinegar almonds and became really ill and then recognized that I had reacted to them before. I have notice in the past few months that the 'Hermans' brand nuts, which have never mentioned wheat in their allergens now carries the 'processed in a plant that processes wheat' disclaimer. It makes me wonder if all nuts are processed in the same manner and if all nuts and nut products should be considered unsafe? I know that I will not trust the Planters brand any longer regardless of whether wheat is listed or not.
  3. I laughed out loud at the 'little notebook' comment!? It has been interesting to see how much progress has actually been made over the past 10 years that there is even a notebook to be offered or a restaurant to eat in that will accommodate our 'allergy'. 10 years ago I feared that I would never eat in a restaurant again. But the notebook comment is spot on. Hopefully within the next 10 years restaurants will evolve enough to offer us a menu that clearly lists the delicious and extensive offerings that they have lovingly prepared just for us...and not just an ingredient list with nutritional values that take longer to read than War and Peace. I am grateful that there are places to go that at least make the effort. Who knows? Eventually there may be restaurants which will have to offer menus with GLUTEN options available!
  4. As I stated, my children were accommodated at school and have also been accommodated in the hospital without requiring proof from a doctor to do so but I understand that requirements may be different elsewhere.
  5. I have never had endoscopy or blood work done but was told by my doctor, after several other tests (been so long ago that I can't remember what all they did) that based on my symptoms and the fact that they ended when I discontinued eating gluten and other conditions that I have (one being early onset type one diabetes), that he did not feel it was necessary to do further testing and that his diagnosis was celiac disease. i know this was probably not the perfect way for him to diagnose but an 'official' diagnosis is a diagnosis and part of my medical record. No one has ever asked for my numbers at a restaurant or another doctors office. If I say that I have it, anyone I have said it to respectfully accepts that I have it. my point, with no disrespect intended to anyone who has gone through blood work and endoscopy, is that I have never ever had anyone require that I substantiate the disease with a medical file and have accepted the fact that I have it. I have changed doctors a couple of times and celiac disease is part of my profile. No additional proof necessary. Also, all three of my daughters and two of my 7 grandchildren have gluten problems. I also have a first cousin who did endoscopy and blood work and was off the chart positive for celiac. In fact almost everyone in my fathers side of the family, including my grandfather have stomach issues. My youngest daughter and the two grandchildren ate gluten free at school and were never required to prove anything with numbers or even from their doctor in order to receive the accommodation. i understand your hesitance to have your child continue to eat something that is making them sick and IMHO, unless there is a reason for you to need proof in the form of a report, I can understand why you would think twice about putting him through additional testing. i wish you good luck and peace of mind with whatever you decide to do.
  6. I have celiac disease and have been gluten-free for almost 10 years.  I am extremely sensitive to gluten, noting that I react within 15 minutes of contact and in fact the doctor suspects that there may also be an actual wheat allergy at play but have never bothered to be tested since I avoid it like the plague!  I am curious to know if anyone else reacts to flax or inulin?  My symptoms with those two are almost identical to gluten so I have to really watch for that in gluten-free breads and baking and recently discovered after the fact that flax was in the juice I was drinking. I know that people with gluten issues can have other problems as well and in fact I also avoid milk products.  Even after 10 years, and although it has become a way of life, it's still frustrating to have to read every ingredient on every label.?

    1. cyclinglady


      Ugh!  I, too, still have unresolved intolerances.  Xanthan Gum (added to gluten-free breads) is a biggie.  So, I have to avoid many gluten-free processed foods.  

      I think we all can relate to the bother of reading labels every single time!  ?

    2. silk


      Xanthum gum!  Yeesh!  I'm so sorry.  Knowing that is huge in gluten-free products must make your live-it (don't like the word die-it because it makes it sound as though those with celiac or gluten sensitivities eat as we do as a means of losing weight or as part of a fad!) very challenging.  I thank God that the labeling laws have progressed to requiring that allergens are clearly list.  That at least makes the label reading a bit easier. Now all we need is for the manufacturers to add a little light sex and a car chase or embezzlement intrigue into the ingredients, we could at least enjoy the 'light' reading we do while shopping!?

  7. What astounds me is that my girl is an educator. Apparently intelligent. She came to the conclusion that the children were most likely Celiac based on the fact that I am and that they all share the same symptoms with me, although not to quite the same severity and extent that I do. And to the fact that those symptoms disappeared when they removed gluten from their diet. Also, they do not have the other autoimmune issues that I do. The biggest tell for all of us is the bloat and particularly for the kids and grandkids, the horrible, peel-the-paint-off-the-walls gas. Since my daughter has been using Gluten Cutter, she has been laughing at how terrible her gas is. HELLO! Tummy doesn't hurt sweetie, but you can still clear the room at twenty paces? Oh yes, this MUST be the wonderful cure we have all been waiting for!!! Yeesh!
  8. Thanks very much to all of you for your replies. I can't believe the girl is actually drinking beer and eating pizza. She is normally very health conscious. An avid runner. Was a Vegan for a while. Dairy Free for a while. Her choice but hard to see her take the gluten away from two of the kids and then give it back. They trust her to make reasonable decisions about their health. I would have a very hard time taking a pill and then trusting to take that first big bite of pizza for fear that I would be sicker than a dog within 15 minutes. Again, thanks very much for your responses and the related articles.
  9. My three daughters and I have Celiac disease, as well as at least two of our grandchildren. I have been gluten-free for about 7years and my daughters have for about 3 years. My oldest daughter, who has 4 children (two w/ celiac and we strongly suspect that the other two do as well), recently discovered Gluten Cutter. She says it is the next best thing to sliced bread and says she is 'beta' testing it by taking it and ingesting as much gluten as she can. Beer, donuts, pizza. You name it. She says it works wonderfully well and has given it to the two known celiac children so that they can go back to eating the foods they love. I tried to caution her that just because she is not actually feeling the ill effects of gluten, she is most definitely continuing to hurt herself and to do the same to her children and that the result could mean serious problems for her and her children for years in the future if not for the rest of their lives. Heavy sigh.... Curious to know what anyone else's experience with this miracle drug might be?
  10. I love the deli Rye. It makes amazing Rueben sandwiches and will be a great addition to our annual corned beef and cabbage meal on St. Patty's day.
  11. UPDATE: Just purchased and used the Ninja 1200 for the first time and so far I love it! Used it to make the frozzen white sangria as listed on one of the recipe cards that came with it and it is (falsetto voice) Awesome!!! Had no problem unpacking it or taking it apart or putting it together as several stated that they had in their reviews. And look ma! No cuts either. Not sure if this makes me a rocket scientist or if I fall under the category of babes and fools but so far, so good.
  12. Do you find that the food processor works well for cake mixes and bread doughs?
  13. I actually had a nice stand mixer but it stopped dead in it's tracks and when I took it apart because yes, if it's already broken, I might as well break it some more, it looked like a lot of flour had lodged up inside of the housing and my guess is that is the most likely cause of it's untimely death. As I said in my original post, the ninja appears to be a good answer because it has a lid, which would help with the flying flour issue but some reports say that the consistency is not always, well, consistent and I was looking at using it mostly for cakes and muffins where the batter needs to be able to have some air incorporated into it. I just wondered if anyone here has had experience with it?
  14. Does anyone know of a good mixer or blender system that can handle our superfine flours? I have been looking at something like the Ninja because it mixes with a lid on it which would be nice to keep the flour powder from going everywhere but it gets mixed reviews. Does anyone have something that they use that they have had good success with?
  15. I've eaten at Biaggi's and yes they do have prices and there food and service were fabulous!
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