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  1. That's because they were using DDT before round up which also contained glyphosate, which has been proven to cause Celiac's and many other diseases
  2. Kurasz

    Severe Chills

    This is an old Post of mine. I have actually found out exactly why I got so severely I'll. Not only do I have Celiac's, I also have colitis, leaky gut, and a hiatial hernia. The holes in my intestines were leaking in to my body and causing the severe illness and chills. Now 2 years later, my intestines have healed and I no longer get the extreme illness I was getting 2 years ago. But my diet consists of grass fed meats and veggies grown by the Amish. I do not go to grocery stores.
  3. Always remember what the doctors and scientists are trying to teach us about Celiac's disease. It's not gluten that's the problem, it's the toxic chemicals sprayed on the crops that cause Celiac's. Corn and rice gluten are safe for people with Celiac's because they aren't sprayed with round up before harvest. Oats do not contain any gluten yet they cause a celiac reaction because they are sprayed with round up before harvest. We are making giant leaps against Celiac's here in Wisconsin by attempting to ban the use of herbicides containing glyphosate.
  4. Kurasz

    Drinks at the bars?

    Red bridge beer is my go to drink, otherwise I drink Kessler's whiskey and squirt. Vodka, tequila, and gin are all gluten free. If you want a mixed drink, make sure they don't use the fountain soda. California wines are absolutely out of the question due to the high concentration of pesticides and herbicides.
  5. The gluten free diet helps, but its definitely not the solution. I get the rash every year when roundup is being sprayed in the fields. I have not mentioned any conspiracy theories. What i have stated is based on the most complete scientific data to this date. The world health organization has been reporting for the last 2 weeks that chemicals being sprayed on crops is the cause of cancer. Thats right, cancer is a man made disease. Both the scientific and medical fields agree that there is no such thing as a hereditary disease. I'm am shocked that anyone would label scientists and doctors as conspiracy theorists. Celiacs disease itself is a fairly new disease. Gluten intolerance however has been recognized for centuries. There is a huge difference between gluten intolerance and celiacs disease. There is absolutely no data to support the theory that gluten causes celiacs disease. There is however tons of scientific data linking Glyphosate as the cause of celiacs disease. I simply spent thousands of hours researching what drs have explained to me and found that they are correct by saying that gluten is an inhibitor. Although corn and rice gluten do not seem to absorb the toxic chemicals in the same manner that wheat rye and barley do. This is where it should be completely obvious to everyone that gluten is not the cause. Rice and corn are not sprayed with herbicides before harvest like wheat crops are. People with celiacs in Europe reportedly eat wheat on a regular basis with no reactions. One only has to do a little research to see that the only connection between celiacs and gluten is when crops containing gluten are saturated with herbicides before harvest. There is no conspiracy theory about herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and surfactants causing celiacs, crohns, Lupis, and many more intestinal disorders. And now with the world health organization specifically labeling these toxic chemicals as the cause of cancer, my statements can only be considered conspiracy fact. I'm sorry if i offend people in any way by repeating what i have been taught by multiple drs. I am merely trying to help everyone achieve the highest possible standard of health. I am extremely concerned with how uninformed the majority of the human race is. I find it absolutely insane that the average person will believe the lawyers for a company that contaminated our food and water supplies with toxic chemicals before they believe millions of scientists and drs who have spent their lives researching the epidemic. Those who refuse to believe the scientific facts about this matter will be thanking the few brave souls who end up saving their lives by ending the genocide in the future.
  6. We all know that gluten is supposedly the cause of celiacs. But why can't we eat oats? They are gluten free, but still a deadly toxin for someone with celiacs. Rice and corn contain gluten but are safe for most people with celiacs. Many gluten free foods cause celiac reactions dispite the gluten free label. I have been suffering from a severe rash up and down my arms and legs. I know I have not been exposed to any gluten. I have been lucky enough to have drs that taught me that glyphosate and not gluten is the cause of celiacs. Gluten is merely an inhibitor due to the fact that it absorbs toxic chemicals. The only connection i can figure out right now is that i live in the heart of dairyland, Neillsville Wisconsin. Farmers have been spraying round up on the fields and i am sick and covered with celiac rash. My question is, how can we educate the masses without being attacked or even murdered by representatives of Monsanto and the U.S. government? The scientific and medical industries have known this since the 70s. The federal government has been covering up the scientific findings for the last 40 years. Anyone who dares spread the truth is viscously attacked by mainstream society who are completely uneducated on the subject. I think it's far past time for everyone suffering from digestive disorder to get off their lazy butts and do something about it. We all need to get together with the best lawyers in the world and expose Monsanto, the fda, and the medical industry for deceiving the public. What they are doing is literally committing genocide for profit. This is the greatest genocide committed in the history of mankind. Hundreds of millions of people have died from digestive disorders and cancer caused by toxic chemicals being sprayed on our food supply. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm dieing from this anyways so why not risk my life to save the entire human race? So who's with me? Lets get started by taking down Monsanto and filing a class action lawsuit against them and the FDA.
  7. I didn't have surgery because they also discovered i have severe case of colitis, and giving my condition, they don't want to put my body through the stress of surgery.
  8. I can't eat anything with sulfites. I know that is a big no no for me. I ended up in the er tonight and after all this time, the er Dr said i have severe internal hemorrhoids and polyps. A surgeon will be contacting me tomorrow and I'm going to have surgery ASAP
  9. It's been a long time since I posted this. I've been gluten free for a year which has really improved how my guts feel, but my colon is still getting worse. Right now im in the process of getting checked for colitis and c-diff. They don't tell you the dangers of antibiotics especially clindamyacin . I'm in severe pain and haven't been able to sit in weeks. Its completely unbearable pain.
  10. I do have narrowing in my intestines along with a swollen colon. They call it mega colon. I quit taking the antibiotic when i got extremely ill. I haven't taken any antibiotics since, and hopefully I won't have to. This colitis has been horrible for over a year now and the problem just seems to keep getting worse. I cant wait until summer. Its going to be great eating food that hasn't been sprayed with toxic chemicals.
  11. No i haven't. I can't afford any more tests. I'm thinking I'm suffering from a severe case of colitis. All of my current symptoms point to colitis and i was prescribed and antibiotic that has a side effect of colitis. If i had researched the drug first i wouldn't have taken it. It has a 90% colitis rate. This form of colitis is permanent and i will most likely have to deal with it for the rest of my life, which might not be much longer.
  12. Just wondering if anyone here has experienced heavy metal poisoning and what the symptoms were. The gluten free diet saved my life, but im still having serious issues. It seems like anything containing metals or canned in a metal container gives me severe pains in my guts. I really think it might be heavy metal poisoning and or leaky gut. Its always in tbe same spot where i get a stabbing pain that is so severe i have to lay down to get it to go away. It almost causes me to pass out from the extreme pain. I had a ct scan because i thought it was hernia related but the drs said it wasn't. They did say part of my intestines was elongated but didn't offer any explanation of what that meant.
  13. I eat a lot of rice and potatoes but beans make me sick.
  14. Im trying. I'm extremely broke right now. I can't afford anything.that makes it really hard for me to eat at all.
  15. Not sure how many of you have tried Arizona green tea with ginsing and honey, but it seems to be the greatest medicine for me. I spent 4 hours throwing up with constipation and diarrhea. It seemed like it was going to last all day like usual, but i drank some Arizona green tea with ginsing and honey and within minutes my stomach settled. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced benefits like this? I really don't like the taste of it, but my guts absolutely love the stuff.