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  1. Try the turkey polska kielbasa (if you are willing to risk it). My mom doesn't eat red meat, and both of us have sensitive stomachs. We both have issues with garlic and onions and other foods with a high sulfur content, which sausage can sometimes have. I cannot eat regular sausage at all. The turkey...
  2. huevo_no_bueno- (great name btw..yo amo el espanol ) Try coconut milk in your baking. This keeps gluten-free recipes moist, although I can't speak to egg free ones. My cousin is also allergic (we learned that the hard way with an anaphylactic reaction at the Passover table when she was a baby.....
  3. so I haven't been to costco since going gluten-free, but I've heard they sell lots of gluten-free products (hopefully for cheaper than the health food store...I hate paying $7 for a box of cereal that only has enough for like 4 bowls) lol so does anyone know what products they often have and where...
  4. here you go: https://dunkindonuts.com/aboutus/nutrition/...s&id=DD-969 it doesn't list gluten ingredients, but I would be concerned about CC- they might share machines, or even jsut the employee's gloves could be contaminated.