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  1. Not everyone with coeliac will get a noticeable reaction when they eat gluten, but the damage is still done inside, at first i had no reaction, I was diagnosed after recurring aneamia. At the time I also had a negative scope, but now if i eat the slightest trace I feel as though i have a severe flu and my lips and tongue swell up. Reactions can get more severe with each dose of gluten, so its important to keep her off it, she'll thank you for it when she's older and understands more. One reason she may eat less is that when she was eating gluten, her body may have been struggling to absorb what it needed which triggered her to feel more hungry and therefore eat more but now that shes not eating the gluten, her body can begin to heal which will allow her to absorb what she needs more easily. The first few months I was gluten free my weight dropped substantially but over time my appetite picked up and I put the weight back on, If she keeps loosing weight it might be helpful to look into other intolerances, especially dairy, many people with coeliac disease find lactose hard to digest during the first few months/ year due to the damage in the intestine. Over time the majority find they can slowly re-introduce the lactose once they've healed.
  2. This does sound more like coeliac than a regular gluten intolerance, damage from coeliac makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients which would explain your persisting aneamia, mine didn't settle until I was fully gluten free for a few months. .. what other symptoms do you have? How many times have you had your bloods checked for coeliac? sometimes they can show up as negative but be incorrect.. I think it would be a good idea to try and get your doctor to repeat them, and see if you can get yourself a GI who will give you an endoscopy to check for damage. The family history of autoimmune diseases certainly makes coeliac more likely. Even if it is a regular gluten intolerance it is important to be strict and try to avoid gluten, intolerances can become more severe over time and may end up making you very unwell.
  3. Wasnt really sure where on the forum to post this, but thought this might be the best place. Im an 18 year old (19 in a week and a day) female from the UK and since I've been 17 i've had problems with very painfull periods. Each month I find myself curled up in bed with a hot water bottle and unable to carry on with day to day activities. I've tried all manor of remidies, breathing excersizes, going for long walks, running, numerous medications and even herbal remedies, and none of it seems to help. Due to this my doctors have mentioned hormonal contraception, which, due to complications, is limited for me. The easiest of the available options is the mini-pill(progesterone only pill) which the doctors seem to think is safe for me. However, when I went to a drop in clinic for under 25s at a health centre yesterday, the nurse told me that she would be very reluctant to perscribe it to me due to the low absorbption associated with coeliac. I explained to her that my coeliac is well under control, I was diagnosed 4 years ago and that appart from a few accidents with being CC'd at the start, i havent had any flare ups since. Despite this, she said that she would still be uncomfortable as she wouldnt know if the coating on the tablets would cause a flare up, but surely if i made sure there was no gluten in the brand i was perscribed before taking it, it should be fine? I really need to get this under control as I'm starting a nursing degree next year and really cant afford to miss the time off Uni. Would be grateful for any thoughts on this or anything you can tell me from your own experience? THANKYOU
  4. thanks for your advice... After my last visit, I left a jar of sweet and sour and some soup in my boyfriends room, which he later found her trying to take out of there to use herself. When asked her excuse was that i wasnt there, when my boyfriend pointed out that it was me that paid for it and therefore it was mine and she had no right to use it, her answer was that it was in her house and therefore was hers. I can understand the concern there... but my boyfriend doesnt want to go to uni, where as i do, you are right though, we dont want children or marraige until afterwoods. He does tend to look after his younger sisters a lot though, even when I'm there they just get dumped on us for hours at a time, and secretly i think she could be concerned about losing her child care and the money he pays her to stay at the house as she always makes comments about how little money they have (neither her, or my boyfriend's step-father work).
  5. Oh dear.. thats not reassuring for her patients is it? a worrying amount of doctors seem to have very little, if any, understanding of this condition...
  6. I DO cook for myself there, i dont expect anything like that. As i mentioned in my original post I have asked to be allowed to get food for myself and store it there but she always turns it away... At 18 years old its not always easy not to have anything to do with someone or let them near your food in their own house.
  7. Thanks for your advice, yeah, the kitchen is a minefield, i go in and clean like crazy in there. I do want to point out though that he does stand up for me, they've had shouting matches over it, the week we were on our own, he went out and spent all the money he had to get me safe food, he is really good to me.
  8. no i dont live there... i live with my parents, we dont have a place on our own because we cant afford it at the moment
  9. Firstly, I havent been to the house since she said that. secondly, it is not my boyfriend that is the issue, if he had the money hed be away from her by now. As it is we are moving next year for me to go to uni. And if i had married him, would you suggest i divorce him? I dont think so..
  10. Yeh its a horrible feeling. He tries his best to come see me here but its not always easy with money. Thankyou for your help
  11. Thanks for your advice, happily we intend to get a place when we are able to afford it, although that may be around another year. Its funny you mention diabetes, she's actually diabetic herself and so should have an understanding of the difficulty these things create.
  12. I'm slowly getting to the end of my teather with my boyfriend's mother. She shows no respect for my inability to consume anyting with gluten in it and whenever im at the house she tries to feed me bread, pastry, pizzas and gluten containing frozen foods including sausages and burgers that contain wheat flour. She also refuses to let me store food safely and whenever me and my boyfriend are trying to cook she will come into the kitchen and start telling me what I am and arent allowed, constantly giving me gluten containg options and getting agitated when I tell her that I'm unable to eat it because of the coeliac. Both myself and my boyfriend have spoken to her on several ocasions, explaining to her foods that are/arent safe, why its easier for me to be allowed to look for things to eat and all about cross-contamination, but none of it seems to sink in. I've given her an official list of foods and ingredients that need to be avoided, and have even told her I'm prepared to supply some food myself provided i can store it safely when I'm staying. Two weeks ago, she and her husband went on holiday,leaving me at the house with my boyfriend. Before she went, she promised to go shopping for food that we could both have. When we later looked, we found the fridge, freezer and cupboards full of sausage rolls, pies, pasties, wheat-flour containing soups, pizza, biscuits etc, and vertually nothing that was gluten - free. I've also explained that I am not expecting specialist foods to be bought, but that just by changing brand a food can become safe or that life could be easier if i was allowed to sort it myself without interuption. She has also said before that shes been tempted to 'experiement' with food for me and my boyfriend and last week my boyfriend told me to never leave her with anything I'm going to eat as he over heard her telling her best friend that she wanted to spread bread crumbs in my food. When the friend then raised the point that it would be harmful for me, she said 'I know, I dont care' . I've tried several times to explain the seriousness of the condition, but she has convinced herself that I'll just get a 'bit of a bad stomach'. The last time i had gluten my lips were swelling up and it felt like there were knives in my throat and stomach. Any advice??? (Just want to add, my boyfriend is completely supportive, and is constantly trying to learn about the condition and get his mum to listen.)
  13. thanks for your replies everyone what are the symptoms of poly-cystic ovary syndrome? i've heard of it before but i had no idea it was connected to coelic
  14. thankyou where do you normally find it?
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