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  1. Hi there: you're not a wuss. I also stay home more than I'd like when I get glutened. It's a terrible feeling and best to just stay in, lie down, drink water, take digestive aids and ride it out alone. It's miserable and sad and it hurts...
  2. As far as I know, the poster who noted the nuance to ohip coverage is correct. My liver specialist shared the same info with me. I did not pay for my blood panel in ontario.
  3. I have been glutened at tea shops. I think, perhaps, it is due to cross contamination as earl grey is safe. Most of the shops I have been in serve scones and other products and it's pretty easy in a non-dedicated shop to have an issue with...
  4. http://www.thestar.com/living/food/article/943142--gluten-free-beer-a-first-in-ontario Link to an article on gluten free beer being sold in Ontario Canada.
  5. Im sorry you are having a hard time of it. It would be tough at 14 yrs old. That makes you...grade 9? Yes, that's a hard age. When I was 14, I just loved hanging out with friends and I felt free. I wouldnt' have wanted to be tied in to...
  6. I"m sorry for your loss, MamaW. You are right, she is now free of illness, pain and sadness and has moved to a beautiful place of peace and joy. Nevertheless, it is still painful for those of us still here as we miss the physical presence...
  7. K-Dawg

    Destination Wedding/elopement

    Hey -- CONGRATULATIONS -- I have been to vegas several times. I also travel to various places to visit family, etc. Prior to arriving at the hotel (and sometimes prior to booking) I CALL someone in guest services and speak to him/her...
  8. K-Dawg

    Best Iron Supps?

    I also have a very sensitive stomach. I now use Proferrin. Google it. I find it to be great. It is heme iron polypeptide and you can take it with food, etc. So great. And high sbsorbancy. Good luck KP
  9. K-Dawg

    When You Travel

    PS -- sometimes it's easy (e.g. New York city -- so many gluten-free or gluten-free Friendly restaurants...no need to spend big bucks on room with kitchen...just got a reg hotel room and paid the extra $ for a mini fridge where I kept snacks...
  10. K-Dawg

    When You Travel

    Hey there: 1) Pre-plan -- I look up a whole foods as I know I can get gluten-free food and snacks. I have vacationed several times and the pre-planning saves me. I travel with a binder with the addresses of the Whole Foods (from state...
  11. Oh thank you so much!!! I just google mapped this and you are right -- it is en-route. I appreciate it. KDawg
  12. Hi All: I'm hoping to get some help from some Miami and/or Islamorada gluten-free residents because I"m heading your way this December. I am a Canadian (from Toronto) and I"m going to the Florida Keys this December for a vacation ...
  13. I agree with all the other posters (above) who have suggested that you bring your own food. I think this is the smartest choice. You could prepare your own turkey (or get some from a gluten free restaurant or caterer) and carve it up to...
  14. I have also had that sort of conversation....I remember my dad getting into it with me and saying something like "the label says MAY contain gluten, not that the product DOES contain gluten" and he was suggesting that I should give it a...
  15. K-Dawg

    Celiac Vaccine?

    Last para. of the article reads as follows: "The Australian team has begun an early-stage clinical trial using these peptides in a vaccine that aims to desensitize celiac patients and make them tolerant of the compounds. The group expects...