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  1. As far as I know, the poster who noted the nuance to ohip coverage is correct. My liver specialist shared the same info with me. I did not pay for my blood panel in ontario.
  2. I have been glutened at tea shops. I think, perhaps, it is due to cross contamination as earl grey is safe. Most of the shops I have been in serve scones and other products and it's pretty easy in a non-dedicated shop to have an issue with cross-contamination. I've seen scoops used in multiple mediums...
  3. Hi K-Dawg,

    Was just reading your post on osteoporosis and was wondering how it turned out? I'm only 30 and have osteoporosis in the hips and osteopeonia (sp?) in the spine. Have had several bouts of bacterial overgrowth resulting in a lot of lost weight (which doesn't help bone loss!). Anyways, if you have any advice on what your Dr.'s are doing with you it would be g...

  4. is not having much luck with her profile pic :(

  5. A lot of what people have been writing really hit home with me. I have managed to find success in my career but at such a huge sacrifice to my personal life. I am married and my husband is great, but I had to fight so hard every single freaking day just to make it through. I had undetectable iron...