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  1. Most hard liquor is OK even though alot have wheat in it because when it goes through distillation, the Gluten particles are too big to pass through based on what I've read and personally experienced also. I love Bourbon and never had a reaction from it. Some of the cream based liquors may or may not be OK. Beer is obviously the biggest no-no sans the ones specifically labeled or made gluten-free. I believe amaretto is OK but I can't recall off top of head. I know the Sour is OK since whiskey sours are one of my favorites I can have on a whim if I'm out with friends.
  2. I found Beef Fried Rice Hamburger Helper labeled Gluten Free tonight. Chicken fried rice and cheesy hashbrowns I haven't seen yet with the new label. Forgot to check to see if gluten-free Bisquick was out yet. Hopefully at some point they will introduce a rice pasta or corn pasta version of the more "tradition" kind to see how reaction is instead of just the more obvious ones being reformulated.
  3. http://www.seattlepi.com/local/6420ap_wa_candy_tax.html I'm disgusted by this honestly. If all candy companies have to do is add a little flour to the mix and then it's exempt from sales tax, you know they will it it all across the country to save money instead of just Washington state only. I just hope this doesn't start a horrible trend for all Celiac's who grow used to knowing what candy is safe.
  4. I buy them on occasion to eat with peanut butter on top as a quick snack at work. I noticed between the last purchase and this one, they added Gluten Free. I knew it already was but the label is a nice little reassurance.
  5. I just purchased the Creamy Mushroom yesterday and just ate it, and the label still says gluten-free. Maybe they are slowly phasing out the labeling for that? I hope not...
  6. Jonbo

    Not Just What You Eat But Where

    I wish my Boss was somewhat like yours. He's still yet to fully grasp my situation when he offers to bring in food for us on occasion. He's getting better about it, but considering the last Saturday I worked, he asked what I could have, and off top of head fast food wise, I wasn't sure. He said "What about Pancakes?". I just gave him this dumbfounded look and gave a sarcastic response (in a funny way) about what Pancakes are made from. But as said, he's learning but I just bring my own food every day so I don't have to bother him/others.
  7. Jonbo

    Best Dr's Visit I've Ever Had

    I can't fathom how he doesn't believe you have Celiac when yet it seems like he's seen first hand what happens to you if you have some CC. You can't fake diarrhea and doubling over pain, etc...Well, you shouldn't be able to unless your damn talented
  8. I haven't checked any other Hy-Vee's yet to see if they have dedicated an entire aisle. It's not a long/large aisle, but it is in their 'Health Market' section. The 2 I visit the most (Altoona and one off I-35 and Mills Civic Parkway http://www.hy-vee.com/stores/detail.aspx?s=236 ), the one in WDM is the first I have seen putting an entire aisle to gluten-free items. Granted, prices are more expensive compared to others (not helped by the seemingly 20 cent "tax" by them because it is in West Des Moines afterall...) but for the occasional usage it's awesome. I think if I recall also they have a small freezer area in the Health Market section dedicated to gluten-free now also instead of just scattered about in the section like most stores. The biggest surprise was seeing non-frozen bread now since I have yet myself seen non-frozen bread to purchase. So for anyone in the DSM area (or other cities), may want to check out that Hy-Vee (or another one closer) to see if they have dedicated a (small) aisle to gluten-free items.
  9. This is why I mainly stick to Hy-Vee. Better atmosphere, employees (most of the time), and a decent list of gluten-free items. Granted, I pay more each trip but the cost is worth it.
  10. I too preferred the old taste of Kix even though that version is a no-no now...at least Trix has a better taste but seeing it without the fruit shapes still weirds me. But I can have it so I can't complain
  11. I've noticed the smaller gluten-free label but it doesn't bother me. Since it was "new" at the time, it was bound to be plastered on the box. As above said, the "newness" has worn off so it doesn't need to stand out as much.
  12. A little squish isn't a bad thing. I'll admit that I love women with a *little* padding Just more realistic then all the people on TV/Magazines, etc...
  13. Jonbo

    Thank You Tru

    Wow, that's an awesome experience! I've yet to find someone that indepth on things but since its your university cafeteria, you'll be seeing them more often so its a good chance of repeat experiences. Maybe give some feedback to a higher up via whatever means are available, since he went above and beyond.
  14. How freaky, my pinky fingers are shorter then my ring finger's final crease and diagnosed celiac. One of my brothers so far, his is longer so I told him he's probably safe
  15. I think the FDA is still in the debating (or finished it) on their guidelines for labeling a product 'Gluten Free' or some variant of it. So for now, its "legal" even though it seems improper to label something 'Naturally Gluten Free' and then mention possible CC in the ingredients labeling.