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  1. I found my cat's food was causing me problems. I transferred them over to gluten free food and it helped cut down my gluten cc a lot. Even thought I washed after feeding them and before cooking, they liked to clean themselves after eating and I think that it was then transferring to me and things...
  2. If you wear makeup you are going to have to check with the makeup companies to make sure that the makeup you are wearing is gluten free. Also check out your soaps and conditioner and facial products, lotions etc. Most of the information lines are only open 9-5. Check any over the counter medication...
  3. Hi, I just saw this thread. I have a number of issues. 1) Trust: Being able to trust the restaurant that I want to eat at. That they aren't going to make me sick because they are doing stupid things. The one that blew me the way the most and has kept me from eating anything at their restaurant...
  4. I asked my uncle this question. He worked for a number of years at a prison. He said that they were required to provide gluten free meals for inmates with celiac because of the ADA. If not they could be sued. So they were very careful to attend to dietary needs because of medical disorders. It might...
  5. I usually don't have reactions until the next day. Then it is 3 or so days for the neuro symptoms and aches to go away. The gut symptoms go away usually in about 6 hrs. But it depends how much I was eating at the same time and what exactly it was I was eating. At least this far.
  6. I reacted this weekend to Barq's root beer. UGH!!!!
  7. This weekend when I was shopping for cereal I must have seen the old boxes. It is exciting that corn chex will also be gluten free.
  8. Corn Chex are not gluten free, also it does not say it is on the box.