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  1. Oh WOW....I will be calling my doctor on this right away!!!!! Thank you so much for this information!!!!!!
  2. This is my first blood test in 3 years. I had no idea I needed to get any blood testing done as the doctors never told...
  3. Thank you all for your help and I do a lot of research on this site but it is helpful when you really get to talk to...
  4. Thank you both for responding!!! This makes me feel so much better!!!! Now if I can figure out why my levels are so...
  5. I thought wine was Gluten Free but now I'm starting to wonder....I drink White Zinfandel...has anyone ever had trouble...
  6. Doctor didn't say what they were 3 years ago but I thought I was being so careful as I throw up for hours if I get glutened...
  7. Well I thought I had this all under control and then I went to the doctor this morning only to hear that my levels came...
  8. I was diagnosed with celiac in 2009 by a stomach biopsy. I recently had another biopsy done along with a colonoscopy...
  9. KikiUSA

    Laws For Restuarants?

    Thanks everyone for your response, I think I will just eat before I go that way I am safe!
  10. Does anyone know if there is any law that says if a restuarant does not provide gluten-free food that you can bring your...
  11. KikiUSA

    Very Angry W/ Husband

    I so agree with you AVR1962! This has unfortunatly happened to me a few times and I try so hard not to get upset so I...
  12. KikiUSA

    Left Side Pain

    Thank you all for your input, it has helped me alot. I don't drink anymore because it just isnt worth the pain. I am...
  13. KikiUSA

    Left Side Pain

    I have continual left side pain that runs from under my ribs to my hip. I do notice it gets worse if I have been glutened...
  14. KikiUSA


    What your going through is very normal. I think all of us has felt this way but it does get better with time. It took...