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  1. Tonight is spaghetti night at my daughter's request. I just use my old favorite sauce recipe with TJ brown rice spaghetti. It's such a delicious simple meal, but we haven't had it in forever because it's just been way too hot to have sauce simmering on my stovetop for several hours. But my daughter...
  2. Island chicken (marinated baked chicken), brown rice, steamed broccoli
  3. Please don't tell me this about cetaphil. It's the only cleanser that doesn't cause my skin to break out.
  4. I was 31 when I was diagnosed. I was largely asymptomatic, or so I thought. It wasn't until after I went gluten free that certain things I thought were normal (regular headaches, frequent random nausea, joint pain, fatigue) actually weren't normal and were caused by celiac. Looking back I'm nearly...
  5. I want to know about the Kirkland minced onion and garlic powder. The containers don't list ingredients at all. That leads me to believe the only ingredients are onion and garlic, but I'm not positive. I love Costco in general and buy a lot of my food there including The 10lb bag of Tyson's...
  6. I just had the follow-up from my biopsy with my GI doctor. He said the Marsh score was a 3B. He explained how it meant the villi were flattened, but not gone, but wasn't very clear on how long it should take to heal. Does your Marsh score have anything to do with how long it will take to heal? It...