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  1. I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant, and I've been doing a lot of research on this, too. My plan is similar to Tiffany's: I plan to breastfeed for hopefully a year, introduce solids at 6 months or so, and avoid gluten entirely for the first year. Other than the limited gluten that my husband brings into the house, our house is gluten free, so he/she will be eating gluten free, as well, at home. Outside of the house, after a year old, I'll probably allow gluten at that point.
  2. I emailed the company two months ago and never heard back. I'd love to know if you find out!
  3. I'm also newly pregnant, and constipation has also never been an issue of mine (I also am 100% gluten-free and haven't eaten in a restaurant in 5 years). I've had *horrible* diarrhea since becoming pregnant, so I called my doctor last week, and they told me Imodium is safe to take during the first trimester. However, I'm only trying to take it once a week or so, and it's not helping. I'm also doing the small meals, and that's not helping, either. Sigh. The joys of hormones! Congratulations, and I hope your symptoms improve!
  4. I've been using Badger Balm for years--they have lots of different moisturizing products, and their lip balm is some of the best I've used. Soy free and mostly organic.
  5. That's a great idea! I'd definitely be up for that if you do!
  6. Welcome to the forum! As far as gluten-free personal products are concerned, you can do a search here to find a whole bunch of products. Here's what I personally use: Dove shampoos/conditioners/body washes/soap/lotions--they are made by Unilever, which clearly lists gluten--if it reads gluten-free, it is. Crest toothpaste--all their products are gluten-free Nars makeup (all their products are gluten-free, but they are rather pricey) and Origins makeup (email them to see which products are gluten-free--just make sure you give them specific product names to look up; I've had a lot of good interactions with this company) Burts Bees lip products--there is a list on this site of their gluten-free products Garnier fructis or Dove hairspray, anti-freeze creme, other hair products Suave shampoos/conditioners/lotions/body washes are also made by Unilever and will also clearly list gluten. There is also a Paul Mitchell list on the site if you do a search, if you're looking for professional haircare products. It does get easier with time, and this place is great for learning and support!
  7. To answer your question Debmidge, yes, you should only invite people to your bridal shower who are invited to the wedding. Wedding etiquette is pretty specific about that. I'm not sure about the christening and baby shower situation, though...
  8. I'm currently planning my wedding, so I have two wedding etiquette books (the best one is by Peggy Post). You are *definitely* supposed to invite people's spouses, partners, or live-in significant others. Most people say you should invite the other half of the couple who is in a serious relationship, too, whether or not the couple lives together. Guests beyond that are optional. I'm sorry you got left out, but I agree--you'll save money on a gift and have no food worries!
  9. I've tried their chocolate cake, yellow cake, brownies, muffins, and cookie mix. All, in my opinion, were very, very good. I've heard some people, however, complain about the taste, as Namaste uses a different flour mix (arrowroot flour? I can't remember which) that some people don't like the taste of. So, I think it's a personal preference thing, but I really like them, and they're very easy to make. I hope you like them!
  10. I'm also soy and dairy free, and for potatoes, I use Smart Squeeze (from the Smart Balance company). I find it at Food Lion or Kroger. I verified with the company that it is gluten-free, soy free, and dairy free. It's pretty good and has satisfied my craving for "butter"--you can't bake with it, but it's good for topping things like potatoes, waffles, pancakes, etc.
  11. Thanks for letting us know! I just found these at Whole Foods and bought some--I can't wait to try them! I've really missed ice cream since I've gone dairy and soy free!
  12. Um, you just made my summer! I'm soy free and dairy free, in addition to gluten-free, so it's hard for me to find "ice cream" and this looks wonderful, especially since it's made by Turtle Mountain, whose products I see everywhere! I'll keep an eye out for it; thanks for the info!
  13. I'm dairy free, so I use coconut oil for everything--baking, cooking, etc.--mostly in place of butter. It's great stuff, and I feel better if I use it (I also have yeast issues). So, here's one positive vote for coconut oil--I use Spectrum's brand.
  14. I use either Whole Foods brand plain rice milk or Pacific Foods plain rice milk daily, too, without any problems for two years now. Hopefully, you can find a rice milk that works for you.
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