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  1. The only tuna I have found that is gluten-free and soy free is Whole Foods' brand. They have a few varieties, and I buy the solid white albacore. The downside is that it's $1.50 a can, but it's worth it to have soy free tuna. It's packaged only in spring water, which is nice.
  2. Hi, Judy--Another option is Spectrum's Canola Oil Mayo. It's gluten-free, DF, and soy-free, as I avoid these things, too. It even says gluten free on the label. I use it all the time, as I love my tuna fish and egg salad!
  3. I second Badger Balm--great stuff! You can get it at Whole Foods, Wegman's, or other health food stores.
  4. Hi, Jen--I've copied my recipe below, which is from Pamela's Products. However, I will warn you that I have not made it yet but have been wanting to for a long time. I use Pamela's mix for most of my baking, and I haven't been disappointed yet, so I'm hoping this will be good, too. The banana...
  5. Thanks a lot for your help! That makes me feel much better; now I can make my pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies without worry--thanks again!
  6. Hi, everyone--I'm embarking upon my first gluten-free thanksgiving, and I want to make some pumpkin goodies. I worry about CC issues because I'm super-sensitive to gluten, so has anyone used Libby's canned pumpkin without problems? It says the only ingredient is pumpkin, and it's a Nestle product...
  7. Are Method soaps the ones sold at Target in bright colors and weird shaped bottles? I always wanted to try them but wasn't sure if they were gluten-free....
  8. I wanted to add that though the Clean Lash Tint is on Neutrogena's gluten-free list, it is NOT gluten-free--listed plain as day is "hydrolized wheat protein." Unfortunately, I just took their list at face value and didn't realize this until I bought the product and brought it home--luckily I double...
  9. KLTerry--a very similar thing happens to me, but I don't get blurry vision (and I understand the fear of calling the doctor too much, too--I feel like they think I'm a hypochondriac). I've been gluten-free for three months now, and I started having sporadic dizzy spells about a month or so into...